Oh, I know. You want to sit with your grandkids and tell them how you helped beat the Rona that almost wiped out America.  You did it while walking around in a gimp mask like the bottom bitch in a porno.

Or maybe you sat your fat ass on the couch and saved lives while drinking whine as part of the "quaranteam."

Possibly you can show them the grainy tube-saved video of your killer TikTok dance video, or your hymn praising Dr Fauscist.  Good luck finding a rhyme for "Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy."

At the end of the day, though, the mortality is .07%, and once all the cancer victims who just happened to test positive, half of them falsely, are removed, it's a lot less than that.  Even the Infection Fatality Rate, which is a term you can look up to educate yourself, is .23%, dropping rapidly on the curve with younger demographics. The actual Case Fatality Rate, that your revered High Priest Anthony couldn't actually quote correctly, is on par with a bad flu year.

What we're dealing with is the Media Industrial Complex, Big Pharma, the Demorrhoid Party, and the brand new Mask Industrial Complex finding ways to terrify you into begging them for the opportunity to use their products.

Meanwhile, normal people are walking around, breathing the air, and not falling over dead.

Where are your vaccine mandates over pertussis, measles, and polio (that last with an IFR near 30%)?  You're mentally incapable of grasping that any disease exists except Muh Covids!

This is why normal people are getting sick and tired of your pathetic cowardice, conspiracy nuttery, and outright fascist hysteria.

When it's all over, succeeding generations are going to laugh at you, as normal people are now, and blame you (correctly) for engaging in the bizarre combination of self-flaggelation and potlatching that's damned near crushed the economy, and murdered millions of non-Covidiots trapped in hospitals with your pathalogical obsession.  It's all on you, and you will deserve it.

Stop shitting your pants over a fucking cold.

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