A cape gun is a combination gun with one smooth and one rifle barrel side by side.  IIRC, they're named after the Cape of Africa, where they're popular for simplifying carry--one gun, two purposes. They're also found in Europe more than the US.

This example is German, from about 1800.  It was some family's beloved hunting arm for close to a century, judging from the wear.

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Probably in the 1970s, some jackass JB Welded a veneer over the cheek rest, but didn't prevent worm infestation.  I removed it.
 /></p><p>There are seven repairs to the stock, and it was converted from flintlock to percussion, probably about 1840. Let's look at it and the work I did.</p><p> </p><p><img src=

Which matches with a much larger repair and repair to the repair previously done on the left side.

 /></p><p>I did three minor repairs to the wood underneath. I am unable to dismount the trigger mechanism, and ultimately that will mean a replacement stock.</p><p><img src=


You can see silver pins where the cheek piece was a later add on, and a repair to the heel of the stock.

 /></p><p>I made a complete replacement for the delaminated cheekpiece, and fit it as best I can.</p><p><img src=