A total of 42 guns were found in the suspected Las Vegas shooter's hotel room and house, police said Monday night.

So what?  Only the ones that were used are relevant. Stop trying to create a witch hunt against collectors.

Las Vegas Police Department Assistant Sheriff Todd R. Fasulo said that 23 guns were found in the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino room where suspected shooter Stephen Paddock fired into a crowd, and 19 were discovered out of his Mesquite, Nevada home.

Multiple loaded high-capacity magazines were found in the hotel room, law enforcement sources said earlier on Monday.

Worthless statement, depending on what you mean by "multiple" (more than one) and "high capacity" (the standard capacity for many rifles is 30, but pussies like to claim anything over 20, or 15, or 10, or 7 is "High").

Among the guns and ammunition police found the in the room being used by Paddock were some high-powered rifles considered capable of penetrating police armor.

Sooo...they were rifles. Because pretty much any rifle will penetrate police armor.

There were also some handguns in the room.

At that range, they'd have been worthless, and there's no indication that they were used. Not relevant.

The additional ammunition indicates that the shooting, which left 59 people dead and injured over 500, could have been worse, had police not intervened when they did.

Most of the casualties were from trampling. Stop making the guy look like he's some sort of score to beat, as you've done with every fucking shooting ever.

Police believe that Paddock took his own life.

Pity the sick fuck didn't start there.

A modified bump stock rifle was also found, which allows a gun to simulate rapid automatic gunfire. Law enforcement officials are still in the process of examining firearms to determine if they were capable of firing automatically.

Finally! An actual relevant fact I can use.

One official said Paddock had a camera mounted in the room, apparently to record himself.

In a separate location searched by authorities, tannerite, an explosive used in target practice, was found, sources said.

What "location"? It couldn't have done anything on site, and isn't powerful enough to matter in quantities less than crate sized.

Earlier, Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said there were at least 10 rifles in the room but noted that the investigation was still underway.

Nevada's gun laws like 'the wild, wild West': Law enforcement expert

I'm not sure who this "expert" is but he's full of shit.  Most towns in the "wild" west prohibited carrying of guns.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives released a statement announcing that it is "currently conducting an urgent trace on firearms recovered from the scene in Las Vegas."

The shooting is the deadliest in modern U.S. history.

Ah, so the government's extermination of people at Waco isn't a thing anymore?  and again, why are you establishing a goal for the next guy?  Oh, right--those sweet, sweet ad dollars pumping up your erections right now.