I got a "Thank you for contacting me regarding poor Mr Khashoggi" letter.


I actually hadn't contacted you on this matter, or any other matter recently.  I'm not sure how this came about.  However. 

Khashoggi was a paid member of the Muslim Brotherhood, a supporter of ISIS, wrote a tear-jerking eulogy of Usama bin Laden, and was generally a terrorist supporting POS.
He was a blogger, not a journalist.
He wasn't American, he was Saudi.
Since they're actually fighting terrorism now, we shouldn't be hindering them, and certainly not crying tears over a terrorist sympathizer.
In every correspondence, you simply prove you're utterly unfit for your position and completely unelectable. I'd rather vote for a Dem.

This would also beg the question of why so many allegedly "tolerant" "liberals" support that terrorist cocksucker.
If there was any question as to why liberal cocksuckers would support a terrorist cocksucker.