It's inevitable that when you're in the process of pointing out that the state is stealing something or someone for the "greater good," for social purposes, that some soiboi leftist cog will bleat, "That isn't socialism."

I like how "real socialism" is whatever they want it to mean at a given moment, so they can tell you you "Don't know what socialism is."

Venezuela--it was real socialism, until it failed, which was somehow capitalism sneaking in there.

Sweden--is real socialism, despite having multibillion dollar corporations. But wait, we'll come back to that.
The American welfare state--Someone actually told me that, "It's not socialism. It's just taking resources from those who have them and distributing them to those who need them."  Which is LITERALLY THE FUCKING DEFINITION of socialism. But it's not real socialism. Except they want it to be universal for everyone.  

Roads--socialism, even though they date from the Palace Economy of the Bronze Age and had as their primary purpose (when government built), enabling taxation to bring assets TO THE PALACE. There were also privately built roads in Celtic nations, thus disproving the myth that only governments can build roads. And this is 4000 years ago. But that's not convenient to the narrative that only governments can build roads, roads are socialist, but somehow "right wing" governments are also socialist in this regard, despite not being socialist.
National Socialism--actually capitalism, even though the government nationalized half the corporations, set up socialized medicine and transport, and fixed most prices. Oh, and outright confiscated land, and outlawed "Speculation." It was "Right wing socialism." That's sort of like "male pregnancy" or "libertarian socialism" or "Fictional reality." All of which are things leftards believe are real. After all, these are people who still believe legions of Russians are monitoring Fecesbook and blogs to downvote their comments, and that somewhere Donald Trump really has a Russian birth certificate, because Russia magically has something he needs or wants.
Fun Fact:  99% of liberals have zero fucking clue what a "right wing" actually is, and even think America is "right wing," to the point that "The democrats would be center-right in Europe, not left wing."  This is based on the mutiple mistaken notions that: anyone should give a shit what Europe or anywhere else in the Third World thinks about politics--remember that we told them to fuck off a couple of hundred years ago, and my family personally told them to fuck off in 1978 when we moved here. And that: The Euro peon baseline is relevant and unbiased. HINT: it's not. Almost all of those nations have Marx's cock 12" down their throat and up their ass, you'd have to be Howard Zinn or Joseph Stalin to actually cross their line to the left.  Also, that's one hell of an accomplishment given that Marx had a 2" dick on a good day.

But wait!  Let's go back to Sweden, a western democracy with a large capitalist sector--it's "real socialism" when the "liberal" thinks they've accomplished something the US hasn't (They actually haven't), but switches to "not real socialism" when they claim "Real socialism has never been tried." It's Schroedinger's Socialism!
I could parody this with, "You don't know what drugs are," and "pot isn't a real drug," and "everyone uses drugs, so drugs are good" (including meth and carfentanyl). Except I've actually heard that bullshit from leftists.
What was my point here?  Oh, right--most leftists are hypocritical shitheads, and you should always throw them from the helicopter.

Ironically, the ACTUAL hardcore socialists (Trotskyites and such) actually have a grasp of capitalism and see it as a useful tool. Which is why most of the left hates them, too.
So whenever one of them opens their facial anus, pre-empt the debate by first informing them that THEY don't know what real socialism is, and then the undisputable fact (they'll try anyway) that real capitalism has never been tried.

Oh, yes--and get them a helicopter ride. Because whatever Pinochet was, he wasn't really right wing. Though you could use an autogyro, since it's not a real helicopter.