I don't wear a face panty. Ever.  This crap started in March, I've refused to comply.

"Yeah, me too. I don't wear one."


"Except at work."

Well, yeah, if you're employer says so, you're sorta stuck.

"And in stores, because they have a sign."

Wait, the sign the governor ordered them to put up?

"Yeah, I don't want them to get in trouble."

So you do in fact wear a face panty.

"Well, only where I have to."

The law is unconstitutional, unenforceable, unenforced, and carries no penalty. The stores literally won't mention it.

"Yeah, but I don't want Covid Karen getting in my face."

What the fuck? Are you actually such a pathetic little bitch boy you're afraid of Karen?

"Well, she'll make a scene."

That's exactly the point. Let her. There's nothing she can do.

"Oh, and I don't want elderly people worried."

We've covered at length that fag bags don't do anything to stop a virus, literally every medical agency in the world says so, and if they were going to work in "4-8 weeks," that was 30 weeks ago.

"But I want them to feel safe."

So where exactly do you refuse to wear a gimp mask?

"At home, and in my car, and in the park."

You're a pathetic piece of shit, you know that?


#1 Michael Z Williamson 2020-12-05 01:55
Quoting Milhouse:

And I also wear it when someone politely asks me to, because it seems rude not to; it doesn't bother me much, and it makes them feel better, so why not humor them?

Because large numbers of people CANNOT wear them, and you're humoring the able in favor of the disabled.

YOU are the problem.

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