Oooh! They said "period." That proves it.
First of all, who is "Lead Stories" and why are they credible?  What makes them "independent" and what medical credentials do they have?

They claim, without peer reviewed cites, that a mask with a 3 micron mesh that stops droplets couldn't possibly hinder gas flow, since gas molecules are so small.

Following this logic, you can put a pillow over your face, because the gas molecules are smaller than the pillow mesh. And you'll be fine.

Also, viruses are smaller than 3 microns. They can't have it both ways.


This is complete Branch Covidian bullshit, devoid of any science.  And just as a reminder, I'll drop this here again:

World Health Organization:

From the WHO: There is limited evidence that wearing a medical mask by healthy individuals in the households or among contacts of a sick patient, or among attendees of mass gatherings may be beneficial as a preventive measure.14-23 However, there is currently no evidence that wearing a mask (whether medical or other types) by healthy persons in the wider community setting, including universal community masking, can prevent them from infection with respiratory viruses, including COVID-19.

Prolonged wearing of the surgical mask causes loss of intellect potential and cognitive performance due to a decrease in blood oxygen and subsequent brain hypoxia. Note - some changes may be irreversible.


"Report on surgical mask induced deoxygenation during major surgery"

"Seventy percent of the patients showed a reduction in partial pressure of oxygen (PaO2), and 19% developed various degrees of hypoxemia. Wearing an N95 mask significantly reduced the PaO2 level"

"Wearing N95 masks results in hypooxygenemia and hypercapnia which reduce working efficiency and the ability to make correct decision."


Outside the health care and medical transport settings, CDC does not recommend the routine use of respirators. Most people who develop SARS become infected through contact with other people who are ill with SARS, not by breathing contaminated air. If a person does contact the SARS virus, it is most likely to be on a surface such as a door knob. The best protection from SARS in public places, (including workplaces other than health care and medical transport settings) is to wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your eyes or nose. [COVID is SARS-CoV-2]

National Institute of Health

"No direct evidence indicates that public mask wearing protects either the wearer or others."

U Minn  COMMENTARY: Masks-for-all for COVID-19 not based on sound data

A cloth mask or face covering does very little to prevent the emission or inhalation of small particles. As discussed in an earlier CIDRAP commentary and more recently by Morawska and Milton (2020) in an open letter to WHO signed by 239 scientists, inhalation of small infectious particles is not only biologically plausible, but the epidemiology supports it as an important mode of transmission for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.


Or this:
"He mean four more years of George Lopez."

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"When he said 'fraud,' he meant 'anti-fraud.'"  

How about, "if your retarded potato with Alzheimers is so fucking mentally incompetent that every sentence has to be translated, only a literal shithead would consider voting for him"?

But then, that's hardly a surprise with the Demorrhoids, more accurately known as the American Nazi Party.

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