Bass Pro Shops and its subsidiary Cabela’s last year quietly stopped internet and telephone sales of antique-style revolvers and muskets, closing what gun violence experts said had been a loophole for people with felony convictions to illegally buy firearms. 

Legally, those are not firearms. Can the intellectually dishonest stop tossing around the word "loophole"?  If something doesn't violate the law, it doesn't violate the law.  Legal activity are not "loopholes" unless you're the kind of Nazi piece of shit who wants everything banned and permission from the state for each individual action.

The restriction on what are known as black powder guns is another example of large U.S. retailers rethinking how easy they’ve made it for Americans to buy firearms, especially online, after high-profile or preventable shootings. 

Complying with the law is "retailers making it easy."

And in some places, black powder guns are also one of the few ways a person with a felony conviction can purchase a firearm. A 1968 federal law that otherwise bars people who’ve committed serious crimes from having a gun has an exception that allows for antique-style guns. State laws vary, with some states allowing felons to buy them while others, like Ohio, do not, a situation that authorities said has sometimes led to unlawful sales. 

Black powder weapons are not "firearms." That is the law.  

Cabela’s shipped the revolver to the neighbor by mail and did not require him to complete a background check

And since they are not firearms, it is illegal to do a background check, anymore than you'd do a background check for a scope or an air gun.  The Gun Control Act of 1968 specifies "firearms," which fire a fixed cartridge using a combustible propellant, and are made on or after 1 Jan 1899.

In court papers before the settlement, Cabela’s denied many of the allegations in the lawsuit, including that it had a duty not to sell black powder firearms to prohibited purchasers in states such as Ohio. It said the sale had legally taken place in Nebraska, not Ohio, because that's where its call center and distribution warehouse are. And it had asked the suit to be dismissed because of a 2005 federal law that generally bars lawsuits against gun sellers over criminal misuse of firearms. The judge, though, allowed most of the suit to proceed.

The judge was a cocksucker and ignorant of the law.  But Cabela's probably figured it was cheaper to pay off than fight it.

A jury in Ohio convicted Galliher’s neighbor, Paul Claren, of aggravated murder and illegal gun possession in 2017. He had argued self-defense. A state appeals court threw out the murder conviction last year, citing improper jury instructions, and a new trial is scheduled for as soon as August. 

Ah, so at present, this is entirely civil not criminal, and state, not federal.  And you're now complaining that not-firearms are not legally the same as firearms.  Just like bicycles are not motor vehicles.

Rampant idiocy, cowardice, and intellectual bankruptcy. Typical of American media  and liberals.  But I repeat myself. 






#2 Andrew 2021-06-02 19:19
Friend of mine found a screaming deal on a Ruger Old Army a while back in a FunShop.
But when he got handed a 4473 to fill out he stared at them, "what's the deal, this isn't a firearm."

Had to argue with them, get a manager, and finally they conceded "no that's not a firearm, oops."

Cabelas still lists no sales on their website for black powder items, but other places will mail order them.
#1 Ralph S. H. 2021-05-23 03:54
Colorado has become infested with these idiots. We fervently wish a smallish asteroid to take out the Denver/Boulder metro area. We'd lose some friends/family, but most are Communists anyway. We'll toast their souls to whatever hell they belong too.
Their answer to everything is a law. They don't understand that their incantations don't stop anything. No one cares what they say, we care what they do. And they aren't willing to die for their beliefs. They are cowards.

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