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This lady is trying to so hard to SPREAD AWARENESS and FIGHT RACISM that she completely misses how utterly racist she is herself.

First, she manages to stereotype a billion people in the first ten seconds.

So, when you say "White" people, do you mean Brits, Hibernians, Gaels, Gauls, Finn-Ugrics, Scandis, Balts, Slavs, Balkans, Germanics, Iberians, Italics, Turkics, Caucasians, Berbers, Arabs, Hellenes, or Persians?  Or do we all look the same to you?

And when you say "People of Color," do you mean 7 billion people have no identifying distinction other than not being light-skinned?

She's literally categorized the entire world into "White" and "not white."  As if either one of those is a monoculture.

She categorically denies that "white" people can have any culture other than being "white."  By which she means "Middle class American" and apparently midwest.

After that she gets onto the "using our cultural features" like hairstyles and such.

First of all, a great many of those are pan-cultural and have been for millennia.'re using MY language (Well, my mother's. I don't know any Scots or Gaelic from my father's side. The English took care of that).  You're using the internet, electricity, clothing, furniture that are European, a building with architecture of a European style.  You probably have a car, and use fuel and roads, all invented by Europeans.  She probably uses tampons.  Literally everything in your video is European, other than yourself.  But we can't copy anything you claim is yours, for reasons?

After that it just gets painful, awkward, and ridiculous.

Watching this ignorant little twit try to offload her own provincialism and racism on everyone else is just sad.


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