An Open Letter to the Facebook Moderators:
I created the below meme right after the 2020 election. I've posted it dozens of times, it's been shared thousands.


It's political satire, not "hate speech," not "endorsement of extremist organizations." In fact it MOCKS an extremist organization--the American Nazi Party, otherwise known as the Demorrhoids. It's a Star Trek reference, and you should be aware that the lead actors of the episode were in fact Jews, with a precautionary tale.
Now, as I said, you only ban me for it about 1 time in 10. And then about half of those times you admit, "Oops, durr, we're fucking retarded, sorry about that."
Except you don't admit you're fucking retarded, but you obviously are. You're too fucking stupid to learn from your mistakes.
The only way I can accept your apology is the following:
Take a bottle of Drano and a Glock to the top of Fecesbook Headquarters.
Drink the Drano.
Jump off.
Fellate the Glock and pull the trigger on the way down.
You are worthless pieces of shit who contribute nothing to society, and we will all be better off when you die, preferably before breeding.
If anyone doesn't like something on Fecesbook, they can ignore it, or block it. I understand your average shitlib hates the fact that dissenting points of view even exist, but that's going to be a problem as long as they exist alongside people with normal ranges of intellect. And it's time they grew the fuck up and accepted it, instead of whining that they have sand in their vagina.
Meanwhile, I'll still be posting on Mewe, which is full of "Hate speech" and "intolerance," and if it really is, I just scroll past or block the poster and move on like a mature adult, rather than oozing like a diseased pussy.
You are the soiled tampons of IT. Please kill yourselves.

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