The FBI is admitting they started this investigation in 2018.  Since it's pretty obvious to anyone that ole Hunter is a scammer, molester, rapist, deadbeat dad, druggie, tax cheat, and not qualified by law to purchase or possess firearms, there's no reason the "investigation" has taken four years.  They could have lined up any of the data, documented its source, and proceeded to trial.

Why didn't they? Because, "MUH TRUMP!"  The shitlib obsession with this man is bizarre.  They're worse than the Birthers, Truthers, and Second Gunman tards all rolled into one.  I'm surprised they don't believe he's a space alien.

Nothing was done while Trump was president, because it might reflect favorably on Trump. Then Hunter's daddy, the Bidet, was president, making it an embarrassment they wanted to cover up.

Now that the midterms approach, and everyone not a complete retard understands what Hunter is, he's a liability. So they're admitting they have enough evidence to charge him.

They're making noise now to milk the ratings and re-progam your average Demorrhoid into their new position. I expect he'll be arrested after the midterms.  Before would embarrass the DNC/NSDAP. They'll just hold the pending possibility to raise their own legendary credibility (Legendary: Half history, half myth.)

There will be a lengthy trial and lots of news whore ad dollars.  

There won't be a conviction.  Or there will be a plea bargain to effectively nothing.

But they'll be able to say they investigated.

The only possible wrench in the works is if the Bidet croaks and the Cackling Whore becomes POTUS.

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