1 May 2014 UPDATE:A VP from Proxibid found this post and emailed to ask if I could furnish contact info for Flashman, so as to fix the problem. Very gracious and professional. Flashman's reply: Speaking for HPFlashman, everything got resolved to my satisfaction. A gentleman from Proxibid who identified himself as a VP called me at home and we talked. The problem was with a seller using a shipper/FFL who was not in-house and the whole transaction costing me about as much in fees as the cost of the guns I bid for. I sent that SOB a scathing email at this Christian themed hardware store/gun store and suggested he donate a $100 of what he charged me to his church the next Sunday. I have been very much more careful in reading the disclaimers in the blurbs that the auction houses write and no longer bid at those who allow peeks at my reserve bids and then allow the auctioneer or his minions to jack the bids. I don't deal with those that charge 18+% fees, have too costly (IMO) shipping/handling/packaging material fees or want me to pay an FFL fee for their end of the deal, as I already am paying the FFL fee on my end. All that having been said, there are many auction sites (most of them) under Proxibid's umbrella that I do deal with. The Proxibid experience has been a net positive and I have been viewing and bidding steadily since 2012 and before. I have probably bid on 200 items since 2012. Maybe 300, I don't keep count. I never left. The VP who called me back in 2012 gave me his cell phone number and asked me to call him at any time if I had concerns in the future. That is good customer service. The problem I had at the time was slow shipping from one vendor and getting mugged for exorbitant fees from another. Proxibid is a class outfit. Maybe a few of their member auction houses are rapacious robber barons but with a little diligence on the bidder's part they are avoidable. Proxibid actually does a good job making their members do full disclosure on every aspect of the bids, the buy and the fees.

Harry Paget Flashman on Wed Mar 21, 2012 3:33 pm

I had filed a complaint to Proxibid Customer Service on the the 16th of March about non-delivery of two handguns (that are also costing me $55 apiece to ship). The only time I have had contact with the actual auctioneer, Z. Barfield, was when bidding, then promptly paying with my Mastercard on the phone and then getting my FFL guy to send his license and following up with emails about that to the auctioneer. Since then, nada. Barfield's doesn't answer their emails and you can only get a recording on the their phone which directs you to a mail box that is already full and not taking any new hate-calls.

But that's not the real problem. I called Proxibid Customer Service today, some 5 days after my official complaint, for which I had received a Complaint Reference #004174XX, and talked to the human lady whose name was referenced on the customer service email. As you might imagine she had a very pleasing voice and demeanor. I visualized a 5'1" Katy Perry baking an apple pie wearing a chaste apron.

"Katy" said she recalled my complaint (probably because it was so well written with the restraint interwoven in it that practically had a pulse...and it involved overcharges, late deliveries up to 4 weeks and tepid-to-no response from the sellers) and wanted to know how she could help me. I asked her for a progress report. Her response was that they had gotten my PM via their their Customer Service Support via their website. I asked her again for a progress report. She had none. Evidently receipt of my complaint and issuing a reference number completed their end of the bargain.

BULLSHIT! I told "Katy", now really eager to provide some customer service...more so than before, told her I was disappointed and had expected at the very least that a fire had been built under Z. Barfield Auction House. I reiterated that for my 2 handguns that went for $180 total and $315.20 total to ship they should be here now or at least have some shipping data provided. She said they would get right on it...that she'd see to it personally. I asked her why they couldn't have gotten right on it on the 16th when they issued me customer complaint reference number 004174XX. Her response was to issue me a brand new customer complaint reference number 10011754XX. Anybody notice the difference in the number of digits in the two numbers...what does it mean?

Anyway, with her sincerest apologies and most earnest remonstrations that were getting right on it we parted friends. She said to expect action (the phrase "some response"was implied) in 2-3 days. I told her I'd call back Monday if I hadn't heard anything but in the meantime to keep me informed via email. Further, I suggested some pitchfork & torch action by way of levity. Katy gave me a nervous laugh.

Other than a few lowball and some serious bids I have out through the end of the month with various Proxibid affiliates I am done with these people...this despite some nice auction houses under their umbrella. Proxibid is way up there on my list with Burger King, Church's Fried Chicken, Dodge and Enterprise Rent-a-Car.

If anyone ever wants to do business with them please PM me with your phone number and I will do my best to talk you out of it. Failing that I will be here for you to do some quality grief counselling.


The usual gang of idiots are boycotting Starbucks because Starbucks refuses to knuckle under to their whining.

I guess I'll be patronizing Starbucks for the first time.

Wildcats are customized calibers, usually from existing cases with the dimensions changed.

I think the greatest thing about wildcats is the names.

.577 Tyrannosaur
.600 OverKill

But what about some others? The 12 Gauge Rifle From Hell http://www.thehighroad.org/showthread.php?t=178655 reaches up to 18,000 foot pounds. I suggested it should be called ".729 Redneck."

So, one of the fora I'm on started a thread.



The .2 Pac.  Used for drive by shooting of rap artists.

9mm Doubletap.  A perfectly standard 9mm.  We just wanted to remind you of that.

.357 Excedrin Headache.  Cure yours by causing theirs.

10mm JBT. If they're going to do it, they need to do it right.

10mm Vasectomy.  Because we all know someone who needs one.

.45 MRI.  They need this, too.

.451 Fahrenheit.  A .308 case necked to .45 and shot from a 6" barrel. The muzzle blast will take care of the paperwork.

.50 Cent.  When you want to make sure you get rid of the rapper with one shot.




.23 Skidoo.  A necked down .30-06.  For grandpa, who can't shut up about how much better things were 80 years ago.

.300 Spartan. For sniping Persians in a completely epic fashion.

.458 Darwin.  For hunting endangered species the right way.

.499 Feinstein.  a .50 BMG shortened 2mm to get around California's ban.

.6000000 Holocaust.  Oh, we're going to hell for that one.

.666 Antichrist.  For time traveling back to hunt dinosaur.

.729 Redneck.  a 3.75" 12 gauge slug, brass cased, for rifled bores.  http://www.thehighroad.org/showthread.php?t=178655