Some movements[which?] associated with healthier lifestyles recommend women wear skirts or dresses whenever possible and avoid wearing jeans or slacks.

It is especially recommended for women suffering from infertility or otherwise struggling to conceive to wear skirts or dresses. Though no scientific studies have conclusively proven that wearing skirts increases the chances of getting pregnant, there have been some surveys showing women who abstain from wearing pants are less likely to struggle.[2]

Mike:   phrasing fail?
(11:19:55 PM) csadn: Phrasing EPIC FAIL.
(11:20:48 PM) csadn: Dare I ask where you found this ill-considered phrase?
(11:21:17 PM) mike: Wikipedia
(11:21:28 PM) csadn: Much is explained.
(11:21:30 PM) mike:

Perseid Publishing and Zauberspiegel Announce a Contest to Submit a Character for a Story in the Heroes in Hell Series:

Submit a Character to be written into Hell

In the next volume of the Heroes in Hell series, the winning character will be included in either a new Janet and Chris Morris story, if the winning character is of sufficient depth and importance, or it will be included in an existing story.

Starting Dec 1st 2011, you will have the chance to contribute to the next volume of the Heroes in Hell series - "Adventurers in Hell." The contest ends Dec 23rd 2011, 23:59 central european time.


Write a text of 200-400 words describing the character you are nominating: Why should this particular character be included in a story in Hell? What errors did the character make in life that will be punished in Hell? Extra credit for appropriate (and innovative) punishment in line with the character's life on earth.

The number of words is not the determinative criteria for winning; rather, it is the character itself and your description of the character's personality and behavior while living; your personal reasons why the character should be included in a hell story. All prospective characters must have been real living people and they must have died before 1950.

Only one story per person.

There will be three prizes awarded as follows:

1st prize: Janet and Chris Morris write a story featuring the chosen character, or the character will be included in a story, already in process, for the next volume of the Heroes in Hell series and an autographed copy of the book containing the Winner's character when released.

2nd prize: an autographed copy of the most recently published book in the Heroes in Hell series and the appearance of the 2nd place character in the next book in the series.

3rd prize: an autographed copy of the most recently published book.

The jury is: Janet Morris, editor/author, Chris Morris, editor/author, and the Muse of Hell: Sarah Snyder Gray Hulcy.

Attention: No author who has ever been published in the Heroes in Hell series may submit a character. No present or former employees of Perseid Publishing, Kerlak Publishing or Zauberspeigel is eligible to participate.

Submit entries to the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and please include your full name, address, email address, phone number, website, etc.

Texts are accepted in English and German.

You can help me help Special Olympics too, by making a donation using this fundraising page.
All I'm asking for is "Ten Cents a Foot!"

The hotel is 289 feet tall, so that's $28.90 (or any other amount--greater or smaller--you feel called to contribute). It’s simple, fast and totally secure, and gets me that much closer to going Over the Edge. Only kicker is--I didn't find out about this until yesterday! I have less than one week to hit my goal! So I ask for your help, to make this happen.

This thrilling event is a unique opportunity for SOMO fans to support more than 2,900 local Special Olympics athletes by rappelling down the The Four Seasons Hotel at Lumiere Place in St. Louis on October 7. I'm joining the 3rd annual group of only 100 participants who are fan enough to take this challenge.


Chuck is a retired officer, all around good guy who helped me and others with retirement issues at National Records, a fan (who was the CO for Sgt Mel Butler, credited in "Freehold," which is how we met and they reconnected), and I did say good guy, right?

On Wed, Aug 24, 2011 at 3:01 PM, Stevewrote:
Hi John "the Blacksmith",

Thought you might like to know we created a discussion forum over the weekend! It helps educate uninformed consumers about the custom process (we don't appreciate "tire-kickers" either), and you can also read feedback about the CustomMade website from current members.

The D.C. earthquake must have rattled some consumer pockets loose -- we have a large amount of open jobs and inquiries waiting to be met. If you want to gain access to the largest online resource for consumer supplied custom jobs then there is only one week left in our end of summer special!

We're offering $250 and $150 OFF to get started with us in for the year until August 31st. You can review the Annual Memberships here.

Looking for extra business? Let me know what I can do to get you on board this week!

Best, Steve

On Wed, Aug 24, 2011 at 3:15 PM, Mike Williamson <> wrote:
no, I wouldn't like to know, and don't care.  Fuck off.
On Wed, Aug 24, 2011 at 3:26 PM, Steve <steve@com> wrote:
Mike,If you really don't care you can tell me nicely. It is just an email and I sent it to you because I thought we could enhance your custom blade and sheath business. It is just a footnote on your site and deserves more attention than it is getting.  We would also be a new channel of knife collectors for you.  You should give it a bit of thought before you just tell me to fuck off. At least as much thought as I gave you. 

On Tues, Sep 6, 2011 at 11:19 PM, Mike Williamson <> wrote:

And yet you have sent me yet another spam after this.  Doesn't seem like you're giving it any thought at all.

My record is 3 minutes from posting to sale.  I have no need of more traffic.  I can't keep up with the orders I have.  I also don't need help with my best-selling novels, nor my product reviews and evaluations of firearms.  What I do need help with is getting less unsolicited email that doesn't put money in my pocket.  Can you help with that?