I want the people this annoying bitch represents fed to sharks with fricking lasers on their foreheads.

See blog above for some leads on them. -only-sci+fi-movie-you-need-to -watch-for-the-rest-of-your-life This Picture Is Worthless Without Beer
Let me share something special with you. This is Robot, a Bollywood action flick. It's like Terminator, The Matrix, and Transformers combined, but better. Or, as Jesus summarized, "an orgy of absurdity that not even Michael Bay can match."
I want to know why our military wastes time teaching Column of Files and By Squads when it should be teaching the much more important Sphere and Cobra formations.
I couldn't get the fonts to work right here.

Got in a metric crapton of merchandise for the gun show this weekend.

Got in the brass knucks I've been awaiting, cast from the molds used for CPD in the 40s.

Got in my copies of Do Unto Others...

Went to a local film festival and met James Keach.

Also, you may now "Like" the stuff on my biblio page, via Facebook.

All in all, a good day.