Those people who see every mass shooting as some conspiracy on the part of 0bozo and company.

So, here's your theory:

A "shadow government" is able to keep its existence secret even from Edward Snowden, who would probably have had access to all its info.  Said group is able to identify, locate and recruit suicidal freaks, or persuade them to commit suicide as their patriotic duty.

To achieve this end, they're going to go ATTACK A BUNCH OF PEOPLE WHO MOSTLY VOTED FOR THE CURRENT ADMINISTRATION.  None of them have shot up the NRA convention, a gun show, a Fox station, or tried to assassinate Sarah Palin or any number of beloved conservative politicians.  Kill some of them, and you might have a chance of swinging conservatives to your cause.  Killing liberals clearly isn't having the desired effect, and risks outrage when (not "if," because no actual conspiracy lasts long) you get exposed, which would completely undermine what you're attempting to do.

But wait!  Instead, each of these incidents causes the usual stupid masturbatory diarrhea (sorry for the mixed metaphor, but it works) from the INCOMPETUS and his cohorts, and SELLS MILLIONS OF FUCKING GUNS AND ENTIRE ARMIES' WORTH OF AMMO.

Clearly, they are not having the desired outcome, if they even existed, which logic and even basic morality says is impossible.

I even hear, "All the evidence is on base, so we'll never know the truth."  Hey, Shit For Brains:  I'm retired from the military.  If you think for a second that every member of it or any agency is a brainwashed robot incapable of independent thought, how the fuck do you think we actually fight wars?  Do you believe Dick Cheney has some master control computer he uses to move us around and make noises?  Who operates it for him, a bunch of gamers?  But how can THEY be trusted with the Big Secret?

You're a fucking retard.

Want to help America?  Kill yourself.  Without using a gun.

A friend asked about the site I have screenshotted here:

Someone asked me about a page on this site:

Here is my response:

Complete bullshit.  MRE orders are standard for keeping on hand for disasters, and after 7 years get rotated so need regular replacement.  Fiscal year starts 1 Oct, so it's a handy time to use unused budget.  I've heard of no such activity in the Guard with a sudden schedule, and it's a regular requirement anyway.  Most Europeans speak English. 380K UN pussies with no logistics train would get exterminated in about a week, even if they were coming over, and how much English can they learn in that time?  I'm quite sure troops have leave in that time, as I'm scheduled for an event in Germany and I know several who are on the list to attend.

 Typical Conspiritard crap.

As soon as you see "Chemtrails" or "Agenda 21" "Freemasons" "HAARP" "Illuminati" "MK Ultra" "Pole shift" "Rothschild" "Templars of the Crown" or "weather Modification" you can safely ignore anything else the site has to offer.  And I don't even know what half their other bullshit is.
If I had no morals I could get rich off that shit.
Absolutely nothing will happen.

BTW, if you are in the Guard or active duty and can help debunk this crap, please email me.

Attached is an image of what they posted.  Feel free to bet me it will happen. I need the money.

"Mr. Williamson, with all due respect, you don't appear to realize that you are not only dealing with a number of people here who are smarter than you are, but are also better educated in science than you are. It may help to keep in mind that at Vox Popoli, those who live by the rhetoric tend to die quickly and brutally by the dialectic."
That's the funniest thing I've read this week. Thanks.
I was at first interested in your site. I thought I had found the anti-Scalzi.  And in fact, I have.
That is not a compliment.

From an exchange with Vox Day (Who lists me as a writer of interest), when I criticized his fetish for Creationism.


"Mr. Williamson, with all due respect, you don't appear to realize that you are not only dealing with a number of people here who are smarter than you are, but are also better educated in science than you are. It may help to keep in mind that at Vox Popoli, those who live by the rhetoric tend to die quickly and brutally by the dialectic."

That's the funniest thing I've read this week. Thanks.

I was at first interested in your site. I thought I had found the anti-Scalzi.  And in fact, I have.

that is not a compliment.


So, first, by what metric does he assume, after one email exchange and a couple of comments that there are a "number of people" there who are smarter than me?

It's certainly not impossible, but per standardized testing, the odds are 99.8% in my favor.  That is a mathematical extraction based on my tested IQ.  So unless his blog is a haven for pure geniuses, it seems unlikely.  Nor have I seen much demonstration of any hard scientific knowledge among his supporters.  Though to be fair, I haven't read much of his blog and don't plan to.

Given that most of the interest there is in unquantifiable local social issues, devoid of cites or analysis, it's untestable, but my perception is his belief is incorrect.  There's a lot of opinion there--some little of which I concur with--but a lot of BS, including the obsession with myth (Creationism) over science.  It even repeats the "Evolution is losing support among scientists!" bleat that's been around since...Darwin.  Yet every year we have better information, better ability to define what we're looking at, and better ability to predict what we don't see.  That's called "Science."  He even cutely entitles his response to me, "rhetoric is not science."  Indeed.  His rhetoric is not science.

Second, he seems unaware that for Darwin to be challenged is a POSITIVE thing for science.  It means we've refined the theory and have improved precision.  Much like the Earth went from spherical to oblate to precisely delineated, and we are now working on equations to explain orogenous upthrust (which isn't as sexy as it sounds).

Third, it doesn't matter how smart or educated either of us is. Facts are facts.  Extrapolations are extrapolations.  And mythic fantasy is mythic fantasy, even when called "religion."  It is untestable, unprovable, and not scientific.  There's also an implied assumption that the scientists working in genetics aren't as smart as...a blogger.  Which again, is not impossible, but is irrelevant.

He knows nothing about me other than our two emails and a couple of comments.  But he knows I'm not as smart as he because I "believe" different things.  In point of fact, I believe very little.  I observe.  If there is no conclusion to be reached, I delay judgment until there is.

Fourth, it's entirely possible to disagree with the modern American left, while being just as idiotic, prejudiced and intellectually dishonest as its worst practitioners...which he ably demonstrates (forex, constantly calling Scalzi "McRapey," apparently completely missing the point of one of John's blogs that I do agree with), despite his ability to solve the softball pre-algebra question I tossed at him.  During the Spanish Civil War, the Fascists and the Communists were diametrically opposed, yet largely indistinguishable.  Or in a non-Godwin sense, pick European peasants forced to choose between Viking raiders or the Franks.

And Darwin's (or any) ideas are only "dangerous" to bleating ideologues.  Information falls across a spectrum from factual to opinion, from useful to not.  A truly smart person analyzes the content and comes to a conclusion, adapting the conclusions as needed as new facts are presented.  That, we call "Science."


As I have predicted for years that they would, biologists are beginning to turn away from Darwin's dangerous idea of evolution by natural selection.  Even self-styled champions of evolution such as PZ Myers have reached the point of giving up on their erstwhile secular saint:

We aren’t using Darwin’s model anymore; he had no accurate notion of how inheritance worked, for instance — genes and alleles, the stuff of most modern theory, are not present anywhere in his works. “Darwinian” is also problematic. It does have a specific, technical meaning, but it’s often applied thoughtlessly to every process in evolution.

Besides, everyone knows Coyote and the Great Spirit created the universe.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to me

show details Nov 16 (2 days ago)

fuck you


That was the entirety of the email.

Okay, here's the problems:

I don't know what this is in regard to.  Obviously, it's something where I'm right and he's wrong.  If someone is reduced to stupid profanity, it means they have no argument to offer.  Also, if they get pissed off at something that's elaborated upon, and I try to make sure I do elaborate on my positions, it means it probably hit close to home.

Still, I have no objection to this kind of hate mail.  Knowing that illiterate morons are pissed off brightens my day.

This person purports to be Dutch in Anguilla, from the address.  Given that it's a British Territory, 90% black and a small percentage wealthy expats, there's no reason for anyone there to know or hate me.  I'm assuming it's a remailer, therefore, which means the person is probably a "liberal" American.  Conservatives are never afraid to give their name.

So, probably not being conservative, It's probably not a Creationist.  They tend to be polite (at least at first.  The name-calling comes later), and quote scripture as a "Warning" of what awaits me.

This is probably not a gun control nut.  They usually demand I shoot myself, since they lack the means or the balls to do so.

A vegetarian would send me photos of crippled bunnies or such, as if presenting me with images of raw food is somehow disturbing to me.

A warmerbator would quote megabytes of study proving that it's warmer now than in 1975, which everyone knows, and would actually mean something if it hadn't been colder the last million years, and warmer the 299 million before that.

My guess is he's an Occupussy, in which case he's doing an even better job than I am of mocking them.  Seriously, dude, playing up to the stereotype or public image is only funny if you do it intelligently.  Otherwise, it's just sad.  Which we already know about that movement.

In any case, "Klaus," you have nothing to offer, and you don't buy my product, so I have no reason to care about your anguish, except for schadenfreude.  Thanks.  You made my day.  Do please send me another angry rant I can enjoy.