"The 11-year-old boy who changed his last name from "Trump" after he was bullied at school was recognized over the weekend by an anti-bullying organization for his courage."

Joshua, who lives in Clayton, Delaware, began going by his father's last name, rather than his mother's, due to the relentless bullying he experienced after President Donald Trump began campaigning in the 2016 presidential election."


"The bullying got so bad the school district agreed to change Joshua's name in the system when he began at Talley Middle School in the fall, WPVI reported."

"This little boy has been victim to relentless bullying simply over his last name that is associated with our 45th President of the United States," the organization wrote on Facebook after the ceremony. "Glad we cold [sic] bring a smile back to his wonderful face."

You harassed him over his NAME to the point where he wasn't safe.

You rewarded him for GIVING IN to your vile behavior. 

You told him it took "courage" to give in to your cowardly attacks.

"Tolerant" "liberals", you are DISGUSTING, SUBHUMAN NAZIS, and at some point you will be dealt with the same way the original Nazis were.

And I will fucking cheer.


And I don't want to hear any "We don't endorse that, but!" because the "But" is that you DO fucking endorse it. You've destroyed statues, edited literature, and acted EXACTLY like the Taliban and the Nazis and similar filth. And there's no excuse of, "Well, that's only some of us."

Because if you continue to belong to a group that acts like this, you ENDORSE it.  It's like the "non-violent" members of the Mafia who don't break legs, only run the numbers. No, they're still fucking Mafioso, and you are still fucking Nazis. 

Right now I'm sure some pathetic piece of shit is wailing on Twitter that, "I wouldn't feel SAFE with this person at a convention!"

NO ONE feels safe around YOU.  Because you are a vile, disgusting mob of subhuman Nazi shit. YOU have committed the violence, the harassment, the lies, the fake victimhood "attacks," the erasure of history, the false narratives.

Everything you claim non-liberals are (because you call all of us "right wingers" regardless of our particular philosophies, because we're "not aryan"), is a projection of your own worthlessness and inhumanity.

You are fucking FILTH.