I always start these by noting that I didn't vote for Trump, and I don't like Trump. He's been lackluster. Like the guy before him, he's done a couple of things I support, several I'm ambivalent about, and a bunch that are very disturbing in their unwarranted expansion of Executive power.

And it's really hard to make that point when self-proclaimed "liberals" are shitting their pants in tantrums daily, for over two years now, about bullshit like Russian birth certificates and mythical impeachments that will never happen.

The latest as everyone knows is some kids at the Right to Life March wearing MAGA hats. Now, any cursory read of this blog will show I support unrestricted access to abortion. I also support the right of people to peacefully protest. So they have the fucking right to peacefully protest. Yeah, I disagree with them. That's the point. Protest is so people are aware you exist, and possibly listen to your point, and possibly take it into consideration.

Into this protest, which has been held every year since 1974, comes Nathan Philips, who claims to be a tribal elder, but as far as I can tell, two major regional nations have disavowed all association with him, so I guess he's Chief Smokablunt of the Stoner Confederation. (He's not hard to find, begging around Ypsilanti. Several people have pics and have reported this.)  He also claims to have been a marine veteran of "The Vietnam Times" which doesn't seem to refer to www.VietnamTimes.info, but seems to be a deceitful way of admitting he never actually went to Vietnam but wants people to think he did. Though at least twice he HAS claimed to be a Vietnam veteran, and to have been "spit on" when he came back.  BTW, the spitting on of vets DID happen...once or twice. Because even pathetic hippies have other things to do than wait around at airports where eventually there was security to get rid of them. But when a vetflake wants attention, damn betcha they're one of the ones that got spit on.  Of course, it would have been other "liberals" doing the spitting, not conservatives.

Oh, yes--a quick study of his DD-214 and understanding of the culture shows that he was told by a judge to go in the military or  to jail. He couldn't possibly qualify for the AF or Navy. The Army just might barely have sent him to Vietnam, but the Marines had already withdrawn and Reserve duty just barely met the judge's order. Of course, he screwed that up by getting arrested for drunk and disorderly and jailed. He also claims to have been a "recon ranger," which doesn't exist in the Marines, and in fact, he was trained as a Basic Electrician.  He missed drill by being in jail, during a time when that mattered, and either due to that or being homeless got put on active duty, where he went AWOL several times, attempted to fix air conditioning equipment badly, and finally got booted ETS. (THIS, BTW is your "Dodging the draft" in the Reserves, not volunteering to fly an aircraft meant for one-way intercepts of Soviet bombers, or actual bombing runs over North Vietnam.)



IOW, he's a worthless sack of shit and trying to milk the vet and Indian angles for a buck, like every other homeless failure you'll ever meet.  At least he does meet them by token, I'll concede. But he pathologically lies about them.  So knowing that, anything he says should be looked at in the context of a scam to score some weed.

He's a Retcon Ranger.  His story changes every time it's convenient for a quarter or a bag of weed.

And if you're some white liberal self-loathing snowflake in a quiver about "Raaaaaacism!" you should be aware my Choctaw and Cherokee wife has far worse to say, and criticizing an individual is not criticizing a group, even though you're mentally incapable of grasping that due to the socialist fallacy. (Those are fancy words that mean your culture is retarded.)

Anyway, Chief Homeless Pothead walked into the middle of their peaceful presence, and started banging the drum really loudly, which confused them. So they smiled, hoping the homeless lunatic would decide they were uninteresting and leave.

Whereupon they got accused of "smirk rape" or whatever else liberal faggots fabricate to be offended by when they have a need to be offended (which is always). So ol' Nathan popped a massive attention boner, went on to tell the tabloid media how he was trying to prevent two groups who were both doing nothing physical from attacking each other.

But then, The Liberal Butthurt Attention Brigade dialed the faggotry up to 11 and insisted the kids were being violent with those smiles, had attacked the Indians, had attacked the black racists behind them (who admitted afterward to being black racists and saying racist things while claiming to be "Israelites," because they believe Jews are fake Israelites, and Israelites were really blacks from West Africa they're descended from.  I can't make this up) and somehow conjured up some Jews to be present, who weren't, and claimed the kids were chanting "Build the Wall" and "much worse things."  None of which happened, but if you expect CNN to be more reliable than the Weekly World News you're a fucking retard and should be institutionalized and not allowed to vote.

Let us note that the Black Israelite group actually manned up and said it was all bullshit, they were the racists, no one mentioned a wall, and the kids were peaceful. Oh, yes, and there's video to support all this, but "liberals" won't watch it because (and some faggot actually said this), "It's gaslighting, because you're trying to persuade me I didn't see what I actually saw," when in fact it shows what you saw, and the CONTEXT to it.

Also, if you think "build the wall" is so horrible you piss your panties, you're just a fucking genetic failure and should probably kill yourself.

So then Twitter got involved. Now let's start with the fact that everyone on Twitter has an IQ under 85 and should likewise be institutionalized.  But the retardation isn't the issue here.  The issue is that "tolerant" "liberals" started literally offering blowjobs, record albums, and cash, for anyone who'd punch, beat the shit out of, shoot or otherwise murder, including feed into a logchipper (That's _MY_ schtick as World Dictator, fuckers), these TEENAGE BOYS for the crime of SMILING AT SOME HOMELESS, SCAMMING PIECE OF SHIT.

Here's my concern.  Not only were none of them arrested for communicating actual incitements to violence, Twitter actually started blocking people complaining about this.

You know why these people fear the myth of a Trump Death Camp™?  Because they know they belong in one. They also know that's their ultimate goal to do to others.

Now let's be clear. This isn't all liberals.  It's at most 95% of liberals.  But the other 5% don't actually call them out on it.

Eventually, one of these incidents is going to cause the virtue signaling to reach a point where they frenzy like sharks, and rather than just playing in traffic, beating on cars, setting shit on fire, faking "racist" attacks against minorities, they're actually going to escalate to killing children.

At that point, I fully expect someone is going to respond in kind.  It's going to be someone who knows how to engage in violence.  And they're going to, in the words of Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, "Keep Heaven filled with fresh souls."  At which point, Liberaldom is going to squawk and start trashing civilization, and a bunch of you are going to be stuck in the middle.

Now, I do not advocate violence, and I cannot pre-judge the circumstances and responses.  But you may be put in a position where you have to kill.  And being civilized, this possibility probably scares and offends you. This is normal. The worry about killing another human being is one of the hallmarks of civilization.

It's not, however, one that "liberals" seem concerned about. They already cheer harassment, violence, vandalism, arson.  It's only a short step to cheering murder. Their only enjoyment comes from destroying civilization and all it stands for.

When you find yourself wondering how much force is necessary,  if it's all a misunderstanding and you just have to explain what was meant, realize it's probably worthless and get ready to run or fight.

They've already said they want it to be them or us.