You may have noticed I've not been on Fecesbook for a while.  Let me, let me SHOW you why:

 /></p><p>So um, mocking the Nazis and the Stalinists as murderous regimes, which they provably were, is

 /></p><p>Posting a link to an article about an uncontacted tribe is

 /></p><p><img src=

Note that the "spam" is still "pending review" nine months later.  This is why I have multiple backup accounts. Yes, that's against their rules.  They can fuck themselves with their rules. This has happened over 100 times, and I've lost count.

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Since I can't even post news links about certain subjects:


 /></p><p>I can't even guess what this one is about.</p><p>My wife, an IT security professional, notes that she stops getting notifications about my posts about 24 hours before these things happen.</p><p>I have several stalkers, and at least one of them works for Fecesbook in an administrative capacity. They've even blocked me from asking for review:</p><p><img src=

And sometimes I don't even get told what I'm being banned for:


And in messages, quoting Bill Clinton verbatim is "Harmful content."

 /></p><p>So they win.  I can't appeal to their rules, which change constantly anyway, and which they are manipulating against me.  Don't waste time suggesting a lawyer--the Cockzucker only responds to court orders from CA courts, which I can't afford. Even though someone or a group of someone's is obsessive enough about me to sift back through comments I made literally three years ago to ban me. <a href= 

When I had a Twitter account, similar things happened there.  I may have a screenshot back in the archive, but what's the point?

You may recall multiple Wikipoo editors all "Spontaneously" and simultaneously decided to speedy delete my page as "not notable," despite 2 genre and 9 national bestsellers, and several awards and noms, plus GoH appearances. They also went after Tom Kratman, Brad Torgersen, Sarah Hoyt, were trying to pull down bits of John Ringo's background, probably with the intent of claiming a multiple NYT bestseller is not notable, and even in discussion claimed that "Baen is basically a vanity publisher."

It would be ridiculous to believe there's any sort of conspiracy going on here.  Not at all. But the pile of coincidences makes presence on several platforms very inconvenient.

There's an irony that the Cockzucker is quoted here as saying: ΓÇ£Would you want every joke that you made to someone being printed and taken out of context later?ΓÇ¥ and ΓÇ£Beware of he who would deny you access to information, for in his heart he dreams himself your master.ΓÇ¥

Well done, Cockzucker!  You said the right things.  You never intended to abide by them, but you did say them.

 /></p><p>Moving forward, the only things I'll post on Fecesbook will be publication updates and stuff for sale. There's no point wasting time on anything else that will be used to harass me further.</p><p>However, if you follow me over to <a you'll get first updates and dibs on my projects, and as a bonus, I can post all the unmutual humor I never even bothered to risk on Fecesbook, knowing the Butthurt Little Bitch Brigade would wet their panties.