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Recently in a interview with Rosalind Peterson of California Skywatch she exposes as well as confirms a long debated subject or "Conspiracy Theroy" refered to as Chemtrails or ConTrails after extensive research she personally conducted in her own county in Cali it would appear that the Chemtrail theroy has validity and is fact. She goes on to state that our military is and has for sometime been releasing chemical agents in our skys and conducting Geo and Bio-engineering research in regards to weather manipulation as well as blocking sun light as a counter measure to Global warming. Chemicals such Barium, Aluminum Oxides, Lithium are a few she named, tests conducted in her county reviled abnormally high levels of these chemicals in the ground water as well as the public's drinking water ect she found that it had and is continuing to have a detrimental impact on the environment killing trees as well as wildlife and contaminating some of the publics food and water sources this in my mind is a viable possibility for the recent loss of the birds as well as fish in fact this is not a isolated incident this has happened in the past in other states as well as abroad what sets this aside from the others is the main stream media coverage it has received this time for whatever reason "Thank God" a quick Google search on the subject will show this. The frequency of incidents of this nature are overwhelming and shocking as well as extremely unsettling and the mainstream medias failure to report these incidents is disappointing and some what unsettling. Oh and I forgot to mention besides being a true American Patriot for having the courage to stand up and make efforts to expose this evil Rosalind Peterson WAS also a certified U.S.D.A. Farm Service Agency Crop Loss adjustor for the state of California. As a result of her findings she now heads up California Skywatch a watch dog group. God Bless You Rosalind Peterson and God Bless America............ less


This could be to the rising amount of WiFi networks. WiFi uses radio waves to transmit data... the same waves used in cell phones and walkie talkies. However do to the large amount of data needed to be transmitted WiFi radios can transmit at a higher frequency of 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz... Maybe this has an unknown effect on animals/nature

WIFI networks cause trauma?  ALRIghty, then.

I do not deny the possibility that "forces" unkown to mankind may be involved..whether that be aliens, early signs of what's to come in 2012...etc In this case though, i have the feeling the cause is man-made and it's kind of strange that it's happenong close to the BP spill area. I wish we didn't dump so many chemicals in the water in order to help the oil dissolve faster. Those may be some of the after effects. Now you wonder why the birds died? I'm sure at least some of you know that in the winter season many birds travel in groups\formations. Those groups usually consists of hundreds to thousands of birds of the same kind. When one flies...they all fly..when one stops to drink water...the others do too. There's a chance that they all drank from the same contaminated source..that same source which is killing the fish. The scientists need to focus on the water ASAP! l
No they need to focus on Southwestern Energy Corp and see why they haven't stopped hydraulic fracture drilling. It caused the temblor swarms in Guy AR and helped release CH4 gas that killed the birds and the fish. I think you are over thinking this. 2012? Who predicted that? Not the Mayans.