Stories like this puzzle me, because I understand that "liberals" are innately more logical and sciency than the rest of us, as they constantly remind us.  But I read this article:

And I'm struck by several things:

"Near a school." Immediately, they're trying to reach for fear factor. They offer no evidence that anyone at the school had been threatened in any fashion, was at risk in any fashion, or that the person who lives "near a school," as millions of people do, had given any indication of the school being relevant. They also don't say how near.

"were not bump stocks or parts intended to build bump stocks."  They've spent so much of the last two years on pantshitting hyperbole that an inanimate plastic stock literally MAKES A RIFLE WORSE THAN A MACXHINE GUN!!111OMGWTFBBQ that they have to actually specify that this is an actual full auto conversion.

“These parts are capable of producing, of altering a firearm, into making an extremely dangerous weapon,” King said.  Wait. Even MOAR dangerous than the "bump stock" mentioned above?  How is this possible?!?!?

Olympic Peninsula Narcotics Enforcement Team (OPNET) has been investigating the transaction with assistance from Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), formerly federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which alerted local authorities to the delivery.  What the fuck do the drugfags have to do with a firearms investigation?

"The residence is located between the Sequim unit of the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Olympic Peninsula and Sequim High School."  "Between."  We still don't know how near, do we?  And still zero suggestion of any evidence that any attack was intended.  This is just literal THINK OF THE CHILDREN! hyperbole.  Technically, this is known as "bullshit."

"King, who would not identify the man, said a family, not including school-age children, live at the home and that the parts were acquired online." Remember to be afraid of families without children, and the internet!  (The comma is optional.)

"The FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are not involved in the investigation." So, wait, the only federal agency that can actually tell the court whether these are or are not legally full auto conversion parts is not involved?

"King said OPNET has no information that other conversion kits have been delivered in Clallam County." So there's literally nothing here other than some guy MAY HAVE ordered full auto conversion parts from China, and depending on how the ad was worded, may or may not have known they were conversion parts, not just other, perfectly legal trigger mods (Because Chinese eBayers always use proper English and technical descriptions).  Further, we don't know if he intended to use these to have fun at the range, prepare for the inevitable collapse of society due to global warming, kill communists, assassinate politicians, or shoot up a school.  And only one of those is morally wrong.

“[Principal Rebecca Stanton] decided in an abundance of caution to restrict everyone’s movements,” Madison said. PANTSHITTING UNLOCKED!

SUMMARY: Some guy may or may not have ordered parts that may or may not have accelerated his Glocks, and may or may not have ill intent.

And even if he did, converting a pistol to full auto is a great way to make a lot of noise very expensively. Though a Glock can be slightly more effective at it with a wrist brace.  But it's still a piss-poor excuse for a machine gun.