You may have noticed a trend in the media.  Beyond the increasing industry need for clickbait headlines ("Something you may be eating for dinner right now is a deadly toxin. We'll tell you how to buy a book to find out what it is after this commercial break!")

Some of the alleged stories are bloody ridiculous. "David Gellenter, fiercely anti-intellectual computer scientist, is being eyed for Trump's science adviser." 

Um...a computer SCIENTIST...who is a university professor, is somehow "anti-intellectual." 

Or is he just anti-liberal, which is to say, probably a real intellectual? (See what I just did there? We'll come back to that in a bit.) 

Also, that was a tweet, therefore on Twitter, where the Twits hang out to get their news.  We'll also come back to that.

I remember one of these jumping out at me in March of 2009, to the effect of, "Palin's Daughter's ex-Boyfriend's Mother Abuses Prescription Pain Meds."

So, your headline is that someone related to someone who used to be involved with someone who was related to someone who no longer is newsworthy has a medical problem, so this is now newsworthy, or more accurately, you're trying to lay blame on the former VP candidate, right?

This isn't news. This is bullshit.

Now we come to the problem: The entire current generation of "reporters" (because one cannot call them "journalists") grew up with Blogger, LiveJournal, Myspace, and now Twitter and Facebook.

They literally cannot tell the difference between news and op-ed.  The opinion is the headline is the story, and if you disagree, you must be racist, or homophobic, or a Teabagger, or Trump supporter, or Literally Hitler (tm).

Now we come back to what I did up above.  I did in fact put opinion and condescension in my blog post, because this is a blog post, not a journalistic report.

People are worried that the "mainstream" press is being threatened by "fake news."

The reality is there's nothing to worry about.  There's no longer a difference. The millennials have destroyed any credibility the news industry might have had left.  All that matters now is who can shout the loudest.

That's opinion by the way, but I hope you heard me.