This got under way sooner than I expected, and ends 30 Nov, tomorrow as I write this.

If you haven't seen it elsewhere, these are the remaining artifacts and collectibles from a friend's estate.  Please bid early and often. We provided all the provenance possible for the items, and a great many are historically fascinating--like the Edo Era Japanese firefighter's helmet, and an early 1900s mahogany secretary.

Sales benefit his age-disabled sister, and his niece. 

The FBI is admitting they started this investigation in 2018.  Since it's pretty obvious to anyone that ole Hunter is a scammer, molester, rapist, deadbeat dad, druggie, tax cheat, and not qualified by law to purchase or possess firearms, there's no reason the "investigation" has taken four years.  They could have lined up any of the data, documented its source, and proceeded to trial.

Why didn't they? Because, "MUH TRUMP!"  The shitlib obsession with this man is bizarre.  They're worse than the Birthers, Truthers, and Second Gunman tards all rolled into one.  I'm surprised they don't believe he's a space alien.

Nothing was done while Trump was president, because it might reflect favorably on Trump. Then Hunter's daddy, the Bidet, was president, making it an embarrassment they wanted to cover up.

Now that the midterms approach, and everyone not a complete retard understands what Hunter is, he's a liability. So they're admitting they have enough evidence to charge him.

They're making noise now to milk the ratings and re-progam your average Demorrhoid into their new position. I expect he'll be arrested after the midterms.  Before would embarrass the DNC/NSDAP. They'll just hold the pending possibility to raise their own legendary credibility (Legendary: Half history, half myth.)

There will be a lengthy trial and lots of news whore ad dollars.  

There won't be a conviction.  Or there will be a plea bargain to effectively nothing.

But they'll be able to say they investigated.

The only possible wrench in the works is if the Bidet croaks and the Cackling Whore becomes POTUS.

An Open Letter to the Facebook Moderators:
I created the below meme right after the 2020 election. I've posted it dozens of times, it's been shared thousands.


It's political satire, not "hate speech," not "endorsement of extremist organizations." In fact it MOCKS an extremist organization--the American Nazi Party, otherwise known as the Demorrhoids. It's a Star Trek reference, and you should be aware that the lead actors of the episode were in fact Jews, with a precautionary tale.
Now, as I said, you only ban me for it about 1 time in 10. And then about half of those times you admit, "Oops, durr, we're fucking retarded, sorry about that."
Except you don't admit you're fucking retarded, but you obviously are. You're too fucking stupid to learn from your mistakes.
The only way I can accept your apology is the following:
Take a bottle of Drano and a Glock to the top of Fecesbook Headquarters.
Drink the Drano.
Jump off.
Fellate the Glock and pull the trigger on the way down.
You are worthless pieces of shit who contribute nothing to society, and we will all be better off when you die, preferably before breeding.
If anyone doesn't like something on Fecesbook, they can ignore it, or block it. I understand your average shitlib hates the fact that dissenting points of view even exist, but that's going to be a problem as long as they exist alongside people with normal ranges of intellect. And it's time they grew the fuck up and accepted it, instead of whining that they have sand in their vagina.
Meanwhile, I'll still be posting on Mewe, which is full of "Hate speech" and "intolerance," and if it really is, I just scroll past or block the poster and move on like a mature adult, rather than oozing like a diseased pussy.
You are the soiled tampons of IT. Please kill yourselves.

The anti-self defense crowd claim to be anti-“violence.”  They’re perfectly cool with thugs beating you to death, stabbing you, even shooting you. Don’t you dare shoot back. That would “escalate the violence.”  Your life is expendable.

The other side ludicrously claim to be pro-“life.” The only “Life” they consider relevant to the discussion is the “innocent unborn child.”  The woman is expendable. They’ll deny that, but everything they say proves it.

 Most of my readers probably have a passing familiarity with the insanity of the gun control crowd, which should correctly be called the anti-self defense crowd.  So let’s reference those and do the comparison.

Antis claim there are very self defensive gun uses a year, only about 400. This is based on ONLY considering cases where the perp was shot dead and a grand jury declined to charge the defensive shooter.

FACT: There are 1.5-2 MILLION defensive gun uses a year, including actual shootings, woundings, near misses, presentations of weapons, or just declarations of weapons.

 Anti-choice types claim, based on who knows what, that only (I’ve seen varying percentages from .15% to .8%) of pregnancies are “life threatening,” when 2% are ectopic and life threatening before we get into any other factor including gestational diabetes, malformation of the fetus, eclampsia, etc. Before modern medicine, which includes medically necessary abortions, the number one killer of birthing-age women was…childbirth.

 And both cases, the antis consider the survivors to be expendable to save the fetus/other party. Neither is pro life. They’re pro SPECIFIC LIVES.

 Gun haters believe in some mythical “weapons of easy mass murder” that are somehow more powerful because of “assault features” like grips and adjustable buttstocks, the “Shoulder thing that goes up,” and bayonet lugs, because presumably people are shooting bayonets at each other, but if they can’t, that’s A-OK.  And that the only reason to buy one is to murder a school, despite the existence of 30 million or more AR-15s alone, and a bare handful ever used in crime.  It doesn’t matter how many examples you offer of armed self defense, the bleat will be, “It wouldn’t be necessary if no one had a gun.” Other than the fact big, angry men would beat the shit out of everyone else, murder without reprisal, and rape a lot of women. Those inconvenient facts and lives don’t matter. We would “Save lives” by getting rid of guns, because “there would be fewer killings with guns.”

Abortion haters believe, or not-so secretly fantasize about, some floozy who gets drunk and gang-bangs behind the bar, then waits 275 days before deciding to have an abortion that magically doesn’t take, at that point, surgeons, an OR, and quarts of blood, because it wasn’t until then the pregnancy became inconvenient.  While the reality is that the vanishingly tiny percentage of such women usually show up at the welfare office, they choose to believe the straw woman exists, and “needs to learn that actions have consequences” (so they think of a baby as a consequence, a punishment) and to “keep her legs together” (because no woman ever had birth control fail (in reality, most fail at least 1% of the time so if she has sex 100 times with her husband, using only one method, even odds she gets pregnant)), and no woman ever didn’t have a choice in having sex (it’s called “rape,” which includes the guy getting her drunk without consent of what follows).  None of those exist. Only their fantasy girl in the alley.

NOTE: All abortions are “elective” surgery, even for a severe ectopic. One can “elect” to terminate, or wait for it to explode.  Just as with cancer surgery and heart bypasses.  “Elective,” as we learned during the Covidiocy, only means, “You’re not dying at this moment.”

Consider the anti-gun claim that they’d allow defensive carry, if you can show “good cause,” and realize that Hawaii has such a law and has NEVER HAD SOMEONE PASS THEIR THRESHOLD of “good cause.”

Likewise the bullshit claim that “Every state allows abortion if the mother’s life is in danger.”

Okay, so if the doctor says that, they trust him unconditionally, and allow the termination, and do not second guess him that MAYBE a miracle would occur, so this doesn’t happen  They NEVER demand some bureaucrat investigate to see if he has “too many” life-threatening cases, the way they investigate doctors now to see if they’re giving out “too many” painkillers to people living in agony?

You’re a liar and you know it.  They will second guess every single incident because of their throbbing erection over “innocent unborn children,” when they have never once said, “The health and safety of the woman is the most important part of the pregnancy.”  Because they really don’t give a shit if she lives or dies. They don’t think about her at all.

And every doctor is going to shrug and refer the patient out of state rather than risk jail because some fetal-obsessed drooling retard really doesn’t grasp that pregnancy is dangerous. Dangerous enough that the Spartans considered death in childbirth the equivalent of death in battle.

In the news right now is the 10 year old in Ohio, raped, pregnant, and having to go to Indiana for a termination, as long as it’s legal in Indiana, but the primitive savages in the Statehouse are vowing to fix that ASAP.

First it was, “It’s probably fake.”  And the Ohio AG even claimed so, without actually familiarizing himself with the case, because no one had called him personally.

Then it was, “It’s real, but it’s a straw man.” Which is exactly backward. Real examples are not strawmen. 

And “It’s real, but very rare.”  Okay, so it’s rare. How many 10 year olds are you willing to sacrifice for your fetus fetish?

How many “very rare” unarmed victims should we sacrifice because “guns are bad, mmkay?”

And  “Ohio has exemptions for rape.”

No, they fucking don’t:

Archer in the letter addresses whether “minor victims of sexual assault are able to receive abortions within Ohio after six weeks gestation.”

“No,” she reportedly said, “Ohio’s abortion prohibition applies regardless of the circumstances of conception or the age of the mother.”

(Archer did not respond to a similar question Thursday.)

Also, what is the threshold for “serious risk?” And would any resulting impairment necessarily be “substantial” and “irreversible?” (It must be both.)

No doctor wants to be a test case, losing his livelihood, freedom, and impoverishing his family when some retard who worships Bronze Age savagery but happens to work for the state can say, “It looks fine to me,” and have him prosecuted. Whether or not said retard has any clue about reproductive biology. My anecdotal experience is that every single abortion opponent I’ve met A) had zero fucking clue about reproductive biology or pregnancy, beyond that at a possible 5th grade level, and 2: was convinced they ABSOLUTELY KNEW as much as the doctors in the field. Dunning-Kruger anyone?

As an example, I offer this:

It’s as retarded as the mythical “smart gun” that knows who’s handling it and will magically work or not accordingly. Oh, and with the government’s ability to override the decision if it feels it wants to, by remote coding.

Much like I’ve yet to meet a gun hater who could even explain the terms “militia,” “assault rifle,” “Well-regulated” (they have a fantasy definition of it), “Stand your ground,” or summarize a muzzle brake or how an adjustable stock makes a rifle more dangerous.

And tellingly, while I did see some people advocating for executing the rapist, not a single “Pro-lifer” publicly said, “Oh, the poor innocent child should absolutely be allowed to terminate.” Because she’s not “unborn,” so she doesn’t matter and that side doesn’t give a shit what happens to her. She doesn’t exist. There is no woman, only fetus.

I pre-emptively blocked a couple of filth who bleated, “No one would have known if the doctor wasn’t seeking headlines.”

No, you vile piece of shit.  Headlines are how you make ignorant retards aware this kind of thing happens, and that it’s not that uncommon. Not that that will have any effect on their pinbrains, because they’re too busy jerking off to pictures of fetuses. (I’m going to hammer on that, because they are, just like gun haters obsess that every gun is an AR-15 with heat seeking explosive bullets.)

Then it was, “Why wasn’t the rape reported?” and “Oh, it was reported to wrong agency. CONVENIENT.” As if that matters. THE GIRL IS 10 YEARS OLD.  IF SHE IS PREGNANT, IT WAS RAPE.  There is no fucking question, because it’s illegal to have sex with a 10 year old in every US state.

Well, there could be a bunch of reasons for it not being reported.  First is a bunch of fetus-worshippers harassing her, which has already happened.  Second could be fear of reprisal. Third could be expectation that the case will run into some kind of procedural error and get dropped.  Fourth is THAT’S ALL ENTIRELY SECONDARY to scraping his rapescum out of her.

Just like you don’t call the police in the middle of a gunfight, and if you were doing anything societally questionable for which the anti-gunners will claim you deserved to get shot at, you probably won’t mention it if you can avoid it. Or, your local DA may be completely anti-gun himself, and will either not press charges against the other party, or might press charges against you.

And note: It takes months or YEARS to try an adult rape case.  So even if everything were to proceed normally, the rapist’s little bastard will either be gone or born.  And, if abortion is allowed “in case of rape,” but he wiggles out of it two years later, that’s when the mother and doctor get charged with murder. And if you say you’d never do that, we come back to, “So you accept the doctor’s word unconditionally?”

But note: Every single comment was an attempt to avoid admitting, “Yes, this termination should take place and no one should question it.”

I propose an interim solution: A lottery. We draw one anti-choicer’s name from the list, and the name of one pregnant woman seeking abortion.  If the woman carries the baby to term, the anti-choicer accepts all financial responsibility and arranges all necessary child care until the child graduates high school. After all, they’re “pro-life,” right? They want that life to be productive.

If the woman dies or suffers injuries the doctor anticipated, the anti-choicer is immediately crucified on the side of the road of US 40.  If at any point there allegedly loving god resurrects one, we’ll agree life begins at conception.  Of course, then he’ll need to answer as to why 50% of them flush out within two weeks, “naturally.”

But they, “don’t want to pay for her welfare for her bad choices.”

Both anti-gun and anti-choice groups are vile, inhumane, filth who utterly hate the concept of individual autonomy. It’s not enough that they have their insane fantasy. Everyone else has to have it too.

I hope they eliminate each other in mutual annihilation. The world will be better for it.