1992, I was fresh out of the military, and became a local resident in IL. I needed to know about the candidates.
I called both local party HQs and asked for brochures.
The Republicans said I should drive downtown and pick them up myself.
The Dems sent them to me postage due.

...And that sums up American politics.


Do we really need to discuss this?


Hey Soldier -- You're In the Smart-Phone Army Now!

Remember how the Army would pretty much issue only uniforms and boots to recruits who showed up for basic training? Well, some lucky soldiers will soon be getting something extra -- an iPhone or a similarly smart phone. "We actually have a pilot study going on right now where we're issuing these things to soldiers in basic training," Lieut. General Mark Hertling said as he pulled his iPhone from a camouflaged shoulder pocket at breakfast Tuesday. Several hundred newbie troops at Missouri's Fort Leonard Wood and Oklahoma's Fort Sill will soon get either the popular Apple gimcrack or an Evo Android smart phone to make their transition into the Army go a little more smoothly. "It has everything a soldier needs to know," Hertling says.

We are so fucked.


I have a scientific background, and I have trouble parsing this article, because it was written by a moron, speaking of a "hot side" and a "cold side" of a star, among other quaint idiocies.

Then I read the comments, which, on an important scientific discovery, turned into Bush and 0bama bashing, and snide comments about the failures of science in regard to something called "god."

Truly, as long as such people live, we are doomed.