Assigned Number: 1069
Filed: 02/01/2010

Mr. James E. Vaughn

Public Contact Information:
14416 168th Street
Orting, WA 98360
Phone: 253-241-9634 253-241-9634 253-241-9634 253-241-9634 253-241-9634 253-241-9634
Fax: 253-444-3820
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Ballot Title
Statement of Subject: Initiative Measure No. 1069 concerns the state seal.

Concise Description: This measure would require the Washington State Seal to depict a tapeworm attached to a taxpayerΓÇÖs intestine, encircled by the words: Committed to sucking the life blood out of each and every taxpayer.

Should this measure be enacted into law? Yes [ ] No [ ]

Ballot Measure Summary
This measure would require the Seal of the State of Washington to be changed to depict a vignette of a tapeworm dressed in a three piece suit attached to the lower intestine of a taxpayer shown as the central figure. The seal would be required to be encircled with the following words: ΓÇ£Committed to sucking the life blood out of each and every tax payer.ΓÇ¥ The illustration would be selected from submissions submitted by taxpayers.

vote for this. Now.

"I'm in favor of anything that makes us safer and hinders terrorists."

Really? Awesome.


That was the sound of a latex glove.

Bend over, bitch!

The Dems won in 06 and 08 largely because they realized gun control is
a losing issue.

He writes an op ed mentioning this, and then attempts to make it an issue again.

I hope he argues better in court than he does online.
The lefticle trash at have started a "you can't step on me" campaign, of sending in photos to themselves to wank to, to prove how tough they are.

This is apart from the clown on Youtube threatening to "buy guns and ammo" and somehow figure out how to use them against those of us with decades of experience in the using guns against lefticle trash department. But I digress.

It would be funny, and appropriate, if a bunch of people were to send in photos holding signs that say, "Don't taze me, Bro!"

Since showing up at a rally with the stated intention of causing a ruckus with a candidate loathed by all of the Dems and half the Reps is guaranteed to get you put down with extreme prejudice and lack of humor, much like the "Don't taze me, Bro" dude in Florida.