What is it with Julian Asswanker and so-called ΓÇ£liberalsΓÇ¥ (as opposed to actual liberals, now an endangered species)? This whole situation embodies idiocy, bigotry and frothing hatred, with none of the benefits that actual, real liberalism espouses.

First, Julian claims to be doing this because he hates ΓÇ£Bastards.ΓÇ¥ We must be clear here, though: HeΓÇÖs done little expose of the Russians, none of the Chinese, North Koreans, Vietnamese, Iranians, Zimbabweans, or any other group of ΓÇ£bastards.ΓÇ¥ Mostly, heΓÇÖs attacking the US. Remember that US? The one that gives food to half the world, sends entire fleets of ships to clean up after earthquakes in Haiti, tsunamis in Indonesia, that US? The ΓÇ£Bastards.ΓÇ¥

HereΓÇÖs a hint from Speaker to Morons: Compared to any of those other countries, the US is the good guy.

In other words, heΓÇÖs picking on us because we have a relatively open society that makes it possible.

So basically, heΓÇÖs an inept loser of a spy and a moral coward.

The check on this is that after the sole Russian document release, they openly offered to put a hit on him if there was another. There has not been another.

Now, as it stands, every government on Earth wants him silenced, for good and valid reasons IΓÇÖll go into below, and even Reporters Without Borders is calling on him to exercise some discretion, because his rampant idiocy is making it harder for real journalists to get any information. Rather than improving visibility, heΓÇÖs causing people to clam up. This is contradictory to his stated case. So, either heΓÇÖs a total idiot, or heΓÇÖs a self-aggrandizing cockbag playing libtards for fools. Considering how easy the latter is, I think we have a winner.

Now, here is why the government, and every rational person in America, should be calling for his blood, slowly and painfully.

You might have noticed when you got up this morning that the US government was still there. Not only was it still there, it was still operating much as it did yesterday, last week, last month, last year. AsswankerΓÇÖs attack on ΓÇ£bastardsΓÇ¥ has been pathetically, amusingly, embarrassingly ineffective.

What did happen, when this release started, was that all my friends in Intel and Operations got called in, away from their families (yes, government employees and contractors are actual human beings with actual families. Some of them even have actual degrees in stuff other than liberal arts), to work long hours on your tax dollars (for some reason, they expect to be paid for work they do. I know, I know. Outrageous of them. Blame their right-wing unions).

What, you ask, are they doing with those long hours?

Well, you see, it turns out that intel in the war against the Taliban (that you liberals bitched about for half the Clinton administration, which did nothing about it), and the excesses of Saddam Hussein (who you complained about until we attacked him, then turned him into some kind of underdog folk hero), came from actual, real people with families and lives. Yes, information generally comes from persons living in the area. Imagine that.

The public release of this information amid much fanfare means the enemy that was informed upon knows the names of the informants. This means those informants, and their families, are at risk of being killed, raped, tortured, or otherwise harmed by an enemy that thinks cutting off of noses, stoning to death and rape are acceptable activities.

I presume these are the ΓÇ£BastardsΓÇ¥ that Asswanker and yourselves hate, right?


So, yes, actual, real people, who bravely stepped up against local terror and butchery are having to evacuate their homes and be relocated to live in fear, on your tax dollars (unless youΓÇÖd prefer we leave them to be killed, raped, butchered by the heroic, anti-American Taliban and al Qaida).

So, I presume from the responses I see from AsswankerΓÇÖs cheerleaders, that this is exactly what they want

Legitimate journalists redact personal and identifying information, so the story still gets told, but no one gets compromised. ThatΓÇÖs apparently not good enough for Asswanker (incidentally, in the spirit of openness, may I assume heΓÇÖs going to post the last decade of his emails for people to view? Soon? Yes?). He has to, as Jon Stewart put it, show their penis. I mean, how do you know someoneΓÇÖs really male if you donΓÇÖt see their penis?

So, Asswanker has, in the name of hating ΓÇ£BastardsΓÇ¥:

Done nothing about human rights abuses in China, North Korea, Vietnam, Zimbabwe or other places.

Caused people who fear vicious regimes and terrorists to go underground and stop giving intel.

Caused possible informants everywhere to stop talking to reporters.

Cost the American taxpayers a lot of money to hide the victims of this debacle.

Compromised ongoing operations against these parties.

Done nothing that substantially hurts the US government as a political entity.

Congratulations. YouΓÇÖre all a bunch of putrid little scumbags.

PS: Asswanker is under arrest for possible rape in Sweden. Now, this case is very non-American in structure, and he may be guilty or innocent. That is why there is to be a trial.

I must confess, though, IΓÇÖm very surprised by some of the comments IΓÇÖm hearing about the trial. I know that rape and womenΓÇÖs issues are big items for liberals, and I believe they should be for conservatives, too. I think they generally are, just expressed differently.

Apparently, one story is that he saw one of the women twice, and may have had sex with her while she was asleep. That would be nonconsensual. (ItΓÇÖs also pretty lame and unmanly, but this IS Asswanker.)

IΓÇÖm a bit at a loss as to how supporters of his, anti-government and presumably ΓÇ£liberal,ΓÇ¥ can justify this as ΓÇ£if she saw him twice it was obviously consensual.ΓÇ¥ Really? Once having seen a man, a woman is never allowed to say no? And there were also comments of ΓÇ£Obviously she enjoyed it if she went back for more. What did she expect?ΓÇ¥

This sounds awfully like, ΓÇ£She was asking for it,ΓÇ¥ and ΓÇ£She should be flattered by the attentionΓÇ¥ and ΓÇ£What kind of bitch says no?ΓÇ¥

Are you really sure youΓÇÖre a liberal? Because IΓÇÖm friends with quite a few liberals, and they donΓÇÖt sound like that.

And I hope heΓÇÖs shot in the base of the skull with a 9mm Makarov, then heaved into a dumpster somewhere, pour encourager les autres.

"ZOMG! SSANs are used for identity theft! This was unforeseeable and is an insoluble problem!"

Dear general: Way back in the Dark Ages, about the time YOU came into service, they assigned everyone a "service number" for military functions. It is not an SSAN and is no use outside the military network. There, I've solved your problem for you. Dumbass. Turn in your star.


Also, Gail's unit Christmas party was last weekend. They rented an American Legion hall. It not only allows smoking, it had had a HUGE smoking event the night before. It not only had a huge smoking event the night before, it had bad ventilation. I walked in, smelled humidity, mustiness, mildew, and smoke. It was still hazy.

Well, second hand smoke was always an issue for me, even when I smoked. It's chemically different and pervasive. Now, of course, I'm asthmatic, and generally fine...unless I walk into a cloud of smoke.

We keep the kids out of smoke-filled establishments.

Gail is allergic to the additives in cigarette smoke (actually, so am I. A good cigar or pipe side smoke doesn't bother us at all. Just fags for addicts).

I walked in, choked, started to react, got out fast, held the door for the cooks to take everything in, waited outside.

Gail explained, they released us, and we got to drive 100 miles home with no party.

Adding insult to injury, they're now angry with her.

So, she actually had to quote them this:

DOD Instruction 1010.15
3.1 DoD Facility. Any interior space owned, rented, or leased by the Department of Defense.
3.2. Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS). Also referred to as "secondhand" or "passive" smoke. Exhaled and/or sidestream smoke emitted from smokers and the burning of cigarettes, cigars, and pipe tobacco. A major source of harmful indoor air pollution, designated a "Class A carcinogen" by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and known to cause respiratory illness and heart disease (refer to NIOSH CIB54
and the EPA Report, references (e) and (f)).
It is DoD policy, under references (b) through (d), that smoke-free DoD facilities be established to protect all DoD civilian and military personnel and members of the public visiting or using DoD facilities from the health hazards caused by exposure to tobacco smoke.

AR 600-63
7-3. Policy for controlling tobacco use
a. Tobacco use is prohibited in all DA-occupied workplaces except for designated smoking areas, as authorized by DODI 1010.15, Smoke-Free DOD Facilities. The workplace includes any area inside a building or facility over which DA has custody and control, and where work is performed by military personnel, civilians, or persons under contract to the Army.
j. Smoking policy specific to MWR and Army lodging facilities is addressed in AR 215-1. MWR facilities include fitness and recreation centers, Armed Forces Recreation Center hotels, cabins and campsites, clubs, bowling centers, and so forth.

AR 215-1
13-15. Safety, fire prevention, and health programs
d. Smoking.
(1) Smoking in MWR facilities will be in accordance with AR 600-63. All DOD civilian and military personnel will be protected from the health hazards caused by exposure to environmental tobacco smoke.
(2) Enclosed designated smoking areas must be exhausted directly to the outside, located away from air intakes, and maintained under negative pressure sufficient to contain tobacco smoke in the
designated area. Employees will not be required to enter such areas during normal business hours while environmental tobacco smoke is present.


Once again, cigarette smoke seems to affect the cognitive functions of smokers. "I can't smell it because I've destroyed my olfactory nerves, and I enjoy wallowing in toxins, so I don't notice a problem. Therefore, there is no problem, and as long as no one sees the cigarette in my hand, all is dandy."

These must be the same morons who smoked in their parents' houses and insisted no, really, there wasn't any smoke.

Yes, there was. After three minutes in that place, we had to wash her black poly, because it had soaked up so much smoke it lingered for a hundred miles.

And this means everyone in the chain of command was equally unaware of regs they make everyone aware of from Day One, callous about it, and willing to argue the point.

I call it like I see it: MORONS.

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I will also be doing a special release when we get closer, so it depends on which copy you'd prefer (my release will be signed), or if you want two.

James Hoyne, 14, has a feeding tube in his stomach and carries a back-up in a sealed clear plastic bag. Hoyne said two weeks ago a TSA officer insisted on opening the sterile equipment, contaminating his back-up feeding up tube which he later needed.

"I said 'Please don't open it' and she said 'I have to open it whether you like it or not. If I can't open it, I can't let you on the plane,'" Hoyne said of his conversation with the TSA screener.


TSA officials apologized to James and said they're looking into the incident to see what corrective steps need to be taken.


Moron to be fired for cause and prohibited from holding any government job in any capacity. Victim to be compensated 30% of Moron's earnings in perpetuity.

Why is this so hard to figure out?