Because it's 27 years in the past.

The Mississippi Flood of 1993. You're all familiar with it, of course, since it was a 500 year level flood and utterly devastated the entire middle of the country.

Oh, you haven't heard of it, or only vaguely remember it? Ah, that tells you what disasters are like in retrospect, doesn't it?

So let me tell you about six weeks of my life.  I'll stick to the Good Parts Version.

We heard there was some flooding on the Mississip.  And they asked for volunteers from the Guard. And lied to us about how many they needed.  That's a story for elsewhere.

They flew us down in a Chinook, at about 1500 feet, as they do.  Out the side of the aircraft, I can see fenceposts, trees, and the occasional inundated low-lying house.  Oh, well that doesn't look too bad.

"Oh, no," the flight engineer says.  "The river is 30 miles that way."

"Oh, ^@#$ me," I comment.

We land in East St Louis, and the Army screws up as it always does, but that's a story for elsewhere, too.

They deployed us from there to fill sandbags.

See, it had rained. A lot. And the Mississippi was full.  Now, the Army Corps of Engineers had built a bunch of diversion reservoirs to take the excess flood water.  But those were mostly kept full, because reservoirs are a great way to generate hydroelectoral power.  Tell people they can put boats on them, and they'll vote for them.  There was no need to drain them. It was just some rain.

It kept raining.

So the correct thing would have been to drain some reservoirs and refill with flood water. There's slack in the system, so a bit extra rain wasn't a problem. Also, if you drain the reservoir, they won't vote for you.

It kept raining.

It started flooding around Quad Cities. A lot of those houses are on stilts anyway. It floods all the time. So no big deal.

It kept raining.

Now, with nowhere for the water to go, it rose against the levees.  The smart thing would have been to let it go, flood some fields, and write some disaster checks afterward.

But then they won't vote for you.

So the sandbagging started. The water would rise to the top of the levee, overwhelm the sandbags by sheer mass (water is 60 lbs per cubic foot), and flood the area behind them.  Or, it would undermine the levees, creating what is technically known as "mud," and then create a "boil," which if you're silly, you cofferdam around while the rest of the mud washes away.

They did this thing.

The point here, though, is that the crest of the flood exerted maximum pressure, and would move ahead of the subsiding levees.  So the areas in question still flooded. People just wasted a lot of effort delaying the inevitable a few hours. It was a complete waste of time and effort. But if you don't do it, they won't vote for you.

And it was still raining.

So the local emergency services, and the Guard, and volunteers, worked their way down the river, reinforcing levees that were guaranteed to fail, in order to be seen to be "doing something."

SIDENOTE: At one point they sent us to sandbag around a body shop.  They wanted a 7 layer stack all the way around this shop. They were painting cars and rolling them out fast, and I figured they were trying to save customer cars quickly. Except they then rolled new cars IN. And it turned out they were 20 feet above flood level, but wanted to "just make sure," and the owner was the mayor's brother. We put a stop to that. But it indicates the point. Votes were at stake.

So we kept "doing something." And levees kept failing, land kept flooding, and that crest kept building higher.

ANOTHER SIDENOTE: There was actually a shooting war going on between Missouri and Illinois. They'd motor over on skiffs and try to knock down levees on the far side to relieve pressure on theirs. The myth that people cooperate in disasters? Only when they can spare resources. As soon as they THINK they can't, it's war.  But, had any of them succeeded, it would have reduced the crest and lessened the effect lower down.  Their solution was correct. It was just far too late to avoid massive repercussions.

They moved us to a water distribution point, because a local water system was "possibly contaminated."  First day, it was Keystone Kops parking, with everyone panicking in to get their 1 gal per person per day. We had extra as a precaution and were told to just hand it out to avoid a panic.  Keep in mind the city water was "possibly contaminated" and all they had to do was boil it. But we had families come up with grandparents on walkers ("please, ma'am, we'll be happy to bring water out to you. Private, take some water over there"), families with six kids of three races, and two grandparents who looked nothing like anyone, and then another family with four kids of three races, some of whom looked familiar. Because they had to get all the water right now. Sound familiar?

We got it organized (BTW, Anheuser Busch and Miller both run a bottled/canned water line nonstop as a charitable emergency measure.  When this hit, they switched several other lines over to water, and added the water cans/bottles into the feed.  So the first few pallets were actually water in cans marked BUDWEISER. We think. It was hard to tell the difference.) and switched to tanked water we had processed and hauled in. Restaurants got first dibs, because how else were they supposed to operate? Then it was all you could package in your own containers. People complained about the taste vs bottled water. Which they could still legally buy, mind you. But they wanted it free, because they'd voted!

It was still raining.

Every bridge across the Mississippi except one was under water.  So if you had to cross the river for work, plan on leaving five hours early.  Lots of people tried to find temporary lodging.

Then it turned out that one of the flood doors in East St Louis, that can be closed against rising water across roadways, had been stolen at some point for scrap metal. A several ton steel door on rollers with a locking seal had gone missing.  So that was a frantic scramble, but not mine.

I wound up in the mobile command post of the Illinois Emergency Management Agency as the nighttime duty NCO. And what were my duties?

"Nothing, you guys have done plenty the last six weeks. You just sit there in the AC and if I need anything I'll let you know. The bunk's comfortable."

That was nice of the state guy.

The mobile command post was a motorhome, with two bunks, a fridge, microwave, radios for CB, shortwave, aircraft band, marine band, emergency band, and several others. Three computers.  Six monitors screens (CRTs, this was 1993), three regular TVs, an erected antenna mast that could receive Chicago from where we were, and bunches of other gear.

It was still raining.

We went in every night, occasionally ran out for food for one element or another, got counts on the water levels at the distribution points, reported back.

We were there about a week.  It was a lot better than sandbagging, and a lot less frustrating than dealing with panicky idiots.

I came in August 1st, and asked, "Are they still expecting a 48' crest?"

He said, "Fifty three feet."

(over 20 feet above flood stage and a peak flow rate of 1.08 Million cubic feet per second. At this rate, a bowl the size of Busch Stadium would be filled to the brim in 69 seconds.)

The Flood Wall was 52' high.

I cursed, and asked, "Are they going to be stupid and try to sandbag" (knowing that literal megatons of water would wash sandbags away in seconds) "or are they evacuating?"

He said, "Neither. There's 100 tons of dynamite on the Jefferson County levee, and the MPs have orders to shoot to kill.  At 50' they blow. But I didn't tell you that."

This was before cell phones, so I couldn't have told anyone anyway, but I understood how utterly critical this was. Flooding STL would kill thousands and cost billions and take years to attempt to rebuild.

I have to wonder if they told all those farmers in Jefferson County as they evacuated them, "We're all in this together, and you have to lose your farm, your house, all your worldly goods, and everything you've ever worked for. But we'll make it up to you. Honest. Because we're all in this together."

They had totally failed to flatten this curve.

So I sat there with my 3-soldier element, sipped soda, and remained riveted on the white board. The phone would ring. The state guy would answer. "Hello?"

And then he'd write a number on the board.


A half hour later. Ring ring. "Hello?"


Ring ring. "Hello?"


 Ring Ring. "Hello?"


Ring Ring.  "Hello?"

49' 6"

Ring ring.  "Hello?"

49' 2".  "It's going down."

That. Close. That. @#$ing close.  To either inundating an entire county, or potentially flooding billions upon billions of dollars and thousands of lives and businesses in St Louis.

By failing to make the correct decision at every single point.

Again: all the government had to do at any point was NOT DO THE WRONG THING and everything would have sorted itself out in a manageable fashion. But of course, that would have meant upsetting some voters. Who wouldn't vote for them. So they doubled down, tripled down, quadrupled down. Like a gambling addict in Vegas blowing his children's college fund and then inheritance against the surety that the odds would change any time.

At every single decision point, without fail (in other words, 100% fail), the government did EXACTLY THE WRONG THING.  And luckily, at literally the last possible second, it worked.

This is exactly what is happening with the Covids and our "Fifteen days to slow the spread" that didn't, 115 days ago.

Followed by stuffing sick people into nursing homes, destroying entire industries by being "All in this together, as long as some small business gets screwed, not the corporate donors," and now, "Wear a mask and stand behind plastic. There's literally zero evidence that it works, but we need Karen to vote for us, and we have to Do Something."

And you will continue to demand the government Do Something, complain when they do, and vote for them to do it again.

Because, as Loki observed in The Avengers, "Kneel before me. I said kneel! Is not this simpler? Is this not your natural state? It’s the unspoken truth of humanity that you crave subjugation. The bright lure of freedom diminishes your life’s joy in a mad scramble for power. For identity. You were made to be ruled. In the end, you will always kneel."

And not only are there always men like him, but you will always vote for them.

As for me:

World Security Council: Director Fury, the council has made a decision.
Nick Fury: I recognize the council has made a decision, but given that it’s a stupid-ass decision, I’ve elected to ignore it.

There is no universe in which I wear a fetish mask that accomplishes nothing. I will not let my daughter be encased in plastic screens at school. I refuse to lock myself in my house. COVID peaked in late April, per every document available.  

I will not assist in continuing to do the wrong thing, doubling down on stupidity.

            American liberals are simultaneously never happy with the privilege they have, and perpetually pretending to be ashamed of it while avariciously trying to acquire more. Frequently, they do this by wailing that they're actually the victims in society, rather than the most privileged members of the most privileged society in human history.  At present, this pretense takes the form of riding on the coattails of real victims, like say, blacks murdered by police.

            The latest bleat is that they're being "mask shamed" for wearing their fashion, fetish, and/or fourth rate fake medical masks in public.

            Now, there are legitimate reasons to wear a mask even without a hysteria-laden virus floating around.  They can help with severe pollution in some areas.  I know two recent transplantees who are immune compromised, and some octogenarians. Also, a couple of people who are delivery/messengers/assistants for same.  So when I see someone wearing a mask, I try not to be judgmental. Though when it's covered in sequins, it's pretty hard not to.  That's not safety, that's costuming. And sure, no reason not to dress it up if you have to wear it, but those are usually people at zero statistical risk who are obviously seeking attention.

            BTW, if you are under 60 with no comorbidities, you are statistically near zero risk for dying from Teh Covids.  Last I checked, it was fewer than 700 people out of our third of a billion population.  Plain old common colds are deadlier. This is a disease that largely affects the elderly and already sick.

            But, even if they were being "mask shamed," for which I've seen zero evidence, so what?  The epithets, vituperation and condescension they toss about to everyone else make it an egregious case of the pot calling the Queen's fine china black.

            I pointed out in the middle of one of these orgies of self-flagellation and self-aggrandizement (which is an hilarious combination, and most original. Typically, masturbation is done in private) that they're majorly ableist, while pretending to be victims and trying to shame those of us who can't wear masks.

            I was derisively informed that not only is there LITERALLY NO ONE who can't wear a mask, but claiming so makes THEM the victims, somehow.

            Now I'm going to be vivid here, so this is a bona fide trigger warning for the sensitive.

            My wife was brutally raped at age 5, with a cloth over her face. And due to the culture in that particular Florida county, the Sheriff delicately advised he wouldn't press charges, because the jury would probably believe the 5 year old was "asking for it."

            Asking her to put anything over her face, even a scarf at -15F, reduces her to sobs, incommunicability, and shakes.

            So, yeah, "Mask-Shamed" "liberal"?  Go fuck yourself, you vile, privileged, elitist, virtue-signaling piece of shit.

            I used to swim competitively up to 5 miles, and was a professional athlete for several months in the military. I had a 7 liter lung capacity and once ran a 4:30 mile.  Then asthma came along, and while in the National Guard I deployed to what we call the Sandbox and endured what was basically a 35 day sandstorm--115F, 35 mph winds, blowing sand, nonstop. That "sand" is fine clay, and nothing filters it (we had scarves), and I was advised to retire after that deployment, because my lungs are nowhere near normal function now, even after a decade of therapy.  In fact, if I put a mask over my face, I'll be re-breathing humidity and whatever crud is there, and I'll be in a coughing fit on the floor, hacking up phlegm, pulse hammering around 150, and you'll be convinced I not only have The Covids, but am about to die.

            So I will not be wearing a mask over my face. Ever.

            Then there are the deaf, hard of hearing, and those with either auditory processing issues or what is called "face blindness." If they can't see your mouth move, they have either a lot more trouble deciphering your speech, or they can't at all.

            So, yes, demanding everyone wear a mask is ABLEISM, and mocking those who can't is BIGOTRY, which is par for the course for the modern "liberal."

            Besides which, the masks don't stop anything going IN, and are only partially effective going OUT.  If you're infected you should be at home. If you're not, it doesn't matter.  And if you're not, but get a whiff, then the mask might actually retain it long enough to take root in your lungs. You're much safer off without. (Proven fact, easy to find online, and it's not up to me to do your research for you, when you're the one lecturing the rest of us.)

            One I've seen a couple of times is that by not wearing a mask, it's literally the same as if I pointed a gun at them and pulled the trigger. Which is pathologically insane, and indicative of a need for serious psychiatric help.  I know of people who will be happy to point a gun at you and pull the trigger.  So I'll stand in the next room, and you can choose which of the two you'll enter to face your demise.

            Do you feel like an intellectually pathetic and morally bankrupt failure of the human genome yet? Because you should.  Please don't reproduce. Please don't vote. You contribute nothing to the human condition, and do so very loudly.

            Then there was the claim that "medical workers have been wearing them nonstop since March."
            Yeah, bullshit.  I've seen my docs about ten times in that timeframe to know they're slipping them down the second they're not around patients, and so are everyone else's, so don't pretend your docs are special. That's on top of the fact that bunches of non-docs, including nurses and "assistants" are wearing substandard masks, frequently with their noses uncovered, providing zero benefit to anyone.  Besides which, they're checking temperature every morning, and shouldn't be going in to work if they feel sick.  In fact, none of you should be out if you feel sick. And see above about statistical zero risk if you do.

            And I can assure you most of them are not wearing them when they go to Kroger. So, no, they are not wearing them "all the time." And even if they were, so what? That's always been part of the profession they CHOSE.

            Oh, and the forcing children to wear masks thing: The number of people under 20, without comorbidities, who have died, can be counted on the fingers and probably have some left over.  Not only doesn't it  kill them, it doesn't infect them, and there's no evidence they're even effective carriers.  It's a non-issue.

            Finally, I'll bring up the poster child I brought up before, which was the SINGLE counter-protester at our second protest (which had nothing to do with haircuts and everything to do with businesses going bankrupt and the economy tanking.  But enjoy your food when it doubles in price. We're a producer and our three freezers are stocked.  That's MY privilege).

            She was carrying a hand-written cardboard box with, "Keep us home and safe." When I asked what she was doing at home, oh, she was ESSENTIAL! (Probably a cashier, given how many medical company stickers she'd made sure to slap over her shirt.)  So she wanted US to stay home and go broke while SHE went out.  Also, she was at the same protest we were, and in real science (vs liberal science) was at the same risk of infection she claimed we were at. Luckily, that risk was effectively zero. (Look at the trend on the CDC site, even after all these protests, riots, returns to semi-normal, etc.
            And if you're professing to be concerned, why aren't you monitoring that? Here's a site with a raw count, btw, which slightly overstates until the CDC confirms actual numbers:

            At which point she claimed the mask was for our protection, because she was which case she was committing bioterrorism.

            It was really bad in April, it's effectively over now, and worst case will steady state like other colds, and influenzas, and will kill a few thousand people every year just like they do.  Best case, it tapers out and disappears due to herd immunity penetration, with the occasional flareup. (SARS and MERS were Coronavirii, since you probably didn't know that if you're freaking out.)

            Oh, yes, and as far as the claim that protesters "stormed" the Michigan capitol: It's perfectly legal to be armed in the Michigan Capitol, and they didn't "storm," they walked.  No damage. As far as politicians freaking out and buying body armor, first, why didn't they already have some? Second, good, they SHOULD be afraid of their constituents. And third, YET MOAR VIRTUE SIGNALING.

            First it was claimed it was about haircuts. Now it's claimed it's about masks.  I swear we've just found the cause of climate change--all the strawmen the liberals keep burning.  No, it was about LETTING SMALL BUSINESSES GET BACK TO WORK, so their owners and employees could pay the bills, rather than all their business going to WalMarx, which, per liberal "science" is apparently immune to Teh Covids, even if you pack all the elderly and compromised in at the same time. (Actually, how many WalMart cashiers have died after being exposed to millions of customers? Oh, right, almost zero, if not actually zero.)

            Nor is there any evidence at all that any medical vehicles were hindered by the driving protest.  In fact, photos and video show the hospital route nearby was kept clear.

            And even if that was a thing, do racist liberals apply that same standard to the BLM protests? Or don't they think black people are smart enough or relevant enough to worry about? And then there's all those Occutard and Antifa protests who did not only block roads, but chain themselves across freeways where ambulances were trying to pass.  So stop projecting your own borderline terrorism onto normal human beings.

EDIT:  Oh, yes, there was also some ludicrous claim that not wearing a mask is basically being anti-vaxx. This is ridiculous.  The purpose of vaccines is herd immunity. There is no vaccine for Covid, but herd immunity can be achieved if enough of the non-susceptible develop antibodies. So in fact, wearing the mask if you're not at risk or dealing with them is the anti-vaxx action.  Thank you for playing.

            So I'll tell you what: If you want to wear a mask, wear a mask. Or a tutu. Or a Superman costume. None of my business if you're not hassling me.  It's a free country.  And I'll wear what I want, which includes this T-shirt:


            And if after all that you don't feel safe, then just stay home.  Your problems are yours to deal with, not everyone else's.



This was a chart, but I could only get the thumbnail and couldn't copy it. It's a blob with statements that violate every rule of logic and are inherently racist, entitled, "The Dangers of Not Seeing Color."

And the components are:

"You're not actively dismantling your own prejudices." My prejudices have to do with intellect and hypocrisy, not skin color, so "seeing" color is irrelevant to me.  It is obviously relevant to the OP.  This demonstrates that they are racist.


"It limits your ability to appreciate individualism."  How is not judging someone by skin color relevant to judging them as an individual?  Unless, of course, their color is the significant factor in their individuality. In which case, you may be the racist.


"You can't fix something you can't see."  "Fix" their color? That's blatantly racist.  Especially as we have the hypocritical position that you must see skin color so you can stop seeing skin color, but if you stop seeing skin color you're...not seeing skin color. Which is bad. 


"It allows you to ignore the complexities of racial issues."  Are they a human being? Then I will treat them as such. I believe all human beings have capacity for intellect, compassion, and development.  If you don't, you're the racist. Ignoring color lets us GET PAST racial issues.


"It minimizes the struggles of POC in today's society."  Not seeing someone's color and treating them as you would reat anyone else "minimizes their struggles"? So you don't believe they're capable of handling the same intellectual, compassionate, and developmental matters as "White" people?

BTW, classifying 89% of the world's population as "non-white," when they are of thousands of genotypes is pretty fucking racist. You're saying that Mexicans, Thais, Yupiks and Bantu are interchangeable. You've categorized the entire world as "white" and "not white."

Also, when you say "White" people, do you mean Brits, Balts, Scandis, Gauls, Germanics, Hibernians, Italics, Iberians, Turkics, Caucasians, Bulgars, Berbers, Helenes, Slavs or Balkans?  Or are they all the same to you?


Just once I'd like to meet a liberal who was capable of logical thought rather than just parroting catchphrases. And it would help if they weren't racist.

As usual, an event happens, and the conspiritards are right there, trying to convince themselves, and you, that they're secretly smart and know how the universe works. (wink).  If only we'd follow their clues, we'd take down the massive conspiracy that controls the world, but somehow leaves loose clues that only they are smart enough to follow.

Here we go:

According to the store clerks, George attempted to make a purchase with a fake $20 bill. The clerk refused the money.

Sounds reasonable.

George left without incident but decided to hang out in front of the store, just standing around.

Possibly he had no reason to be concerned, thinking the bill was real. Possibly he was deciding what to do with a bill that was fake.  They are all over the place, but he'd been screwed out of $20.  Possibly he knew it was fake and was looking for a sucker to "make change." FYI, Treasury doesn't bother with forging incidents under $10,000. Not worth the effort.

In the meantime, just for practice, the clerk notified the police of the incident. Yes, that's how law abiding citizens act sometimes. The police then rushed right over because, you know, police in big cities are usually free to rush over to check fake $20s from people who have already left the scene. Happens all the time.

Yes, when they're already being jackbooted thugs over illegal lockdown orders, why not?

Imagine their good fortune to find George still standing there. That’s what most people do after being caught with a counterfeit bill, right? Just walk outside and stand there.

I covered this above. Repeating it doesn't make it any more credible.

I find it odd that these two men, Derek (the officer) and George, may have known each other well. They used to work together for 17 years, apparently.

Apparently, you're ignorant. George spent more than half of that time in Houston, and some of it in jail.  The two of them at that moment both worked at the same establishment on different shifts and may or may not have known each other.  From Wiki: She said Chauvin had worked there for 17 years, while Floyd had worked at about a dozen events. She said it was not clear if they knew each other but that she did not believe so.[45][46] Santamaria said Chauvin at times had used overly aggressive tactics that led her to speak to him.[47] But everything from here on is based on a false statement.

I find it odd that the cop had his hands in his pockets while he put his knee on his friend's throat. Very odd.

You've obviously never seen a bully before, and there's no evidence of friendship. Also, his hands are by his side, wearing gloves that match his pants. Also, two other cops are holding George down.

I find it odd that they did not just put him in the back seat of the cop car. They were literally standing right next to the door.

That's because you're assuming rational, decent behavior on the part of a cop.  Reading any day's news in the last three decades should disabuse you of that myth. A narcissistic sociopath acts like that, and that's pretty much the ideal cop for current hiring criteria.

I find it odd that a man who couldn’t get air was able to yell out repeatedly for a very long period of time, and did not struggle to live. Why didn't he call for help with all those people standing around filming him? He just laid there and passively "died."

He did try to yell for help. People who can't get air in can still sometimes get it out.  If you disbelieve me, stick your head in a bucket of water.  Obviously, if you can make noise, you can still breathe, right?  This is where you're demonstrating increasing stupidity based on ridiculous logic from your false statement.  Note that the quotes around "died" create a presumption that the OP knows that George isn't really dead.

I find it odd that they just stood there and let people film this.

There's pretty much no way to stop that these days, but since cops can murder you and your family, shriek like the pussies they are that they "Feared for their life" and point out that they were never officially counseled that shooting a dog in a child's arms was wrong, or having sex with a detainee in handcuffs, and walk away because the courts have perverted qualified immunity into plausible deniability, they really don't care.

I find it odd that most of Derek’s weight is on his right knee, the one on the ground, not the left knee on his friend, George.

Once again, the unproven claim of "friend."  And a complete lack of comprehension of how human kinetics works. And another false statement, which we pretty much have to call a "lie," because there's obviously enough weight on the neck to depress it flush to the ground--a position a person can't bend into themselves. Also, if someone WERE setting up a staged event, why would they use two people who'd been "friends for 17 years"? Wouldn't that be too obvious, even to the kind of shitheads who believe this kind of stuff? You'd hire two people from different parts of town.

I find it odd the paramedics arrived on scene, approached so nonchalantly, then placed Derek’s very much alive (?) friend, George, into the ambulance without any sign of urgency.

"alive(?) is another lie, where this dishonest piece of shit is trying to persuade us how clever he is by his increasingly unbelievable false statements, half-truths, and flat out lies. There's no evidence the man was responsive. So I guess that doesn't prove he was dead.  But he certainly didn't act alive.

I find it odd that Derek’s neighbors never knew he was an officer. They stated they never saw him wearing a uniform coming and going.

Ohhh! Here we go! Why not just use the term "Crisis actor"?  Maybe because everyone not a complete shithead knows that's a term used by complete shitheads? Also, which "neighbors"? Or is this "Someone on the internet?"  And if we know who his neighbors are, then wouldn't they know what he actually DOES do for a living if he's not a cop?

PS: he's a cop. With a 19 year record including 3 kills, though the first one was probably justified.

I find it VERY odd that a cop started the riots. Thank goodness for an ex who outed him.

I find it very odd that shitheads will believe anything on the internet. The claim was based on some guy having the same color eyes and face mask as some chick's ex.  And how credible is ANYONE's ex?  No better than 50%.

I find it odd that nearly everyone who was arrested for rioting and looting were from out of state.

I'm not aware that "Everyone" was from out of state.  Certainly the news focused on those.  But the locals would also find it easier to hide or lie about their business, right?

I find it odd that the National Guard was not brought in earlier, and that they were unable to get these riots under control immediately.

I don't find it odd that a conspiritard shithead has no clue how the Guard works, because 12 hours from go is a pretty fucking impressive response time, and the Guard can't really "Control" a riot without weapons, which require federal orders, which they don't have.

I find it odd that these staged events only happen in Democrat run cities.

And now we're all the way to Full Shithead with the unsupported statement that it was "Staged," based on the oh-so-clever (actually, complete bullshit) statements of our Master Conspiracy Decoder. Or maybe "Mastur" fits better.  Though it's true that most violence occurs in high population density locales that tend to be run by Dems.  But is the latter cause or effect or both? That's a legit question, but not one this idiot has actually posed or examined.

I find it odd that this "racist" narrative happ
ened shortly after Biden's racist comment last week. I knew they were trying to distract us from something.

Our shithead conspiritard is NOT AT ALL trying to distract us from the fact that more and more cops are bad.  And which rcist comment from Biden? He makes one every ten minutes.  There was also a previous killing by a former cop. And a chokehold in Mississippi by a black cop on a black suspect.  Black people get killed by cops all the time. So do white people. So do dogs.

I find it odd that this happened just as COVID loses traction. Social distancing SUDDENLY flew out the window. Let's hope the masks and fear soon follow.

COVID hasn't lost traction among conspiracy shitheads either, despite killing barely more people than a bad flu year. Most states are still unconstitutionally locked down by their governors, though the courts have ordered a couple open and a couple of others partially.

I find it odd that COVID happened the moment the impeachment failed.

I find it odd that you could be so utterly fucking retarded that you think a real disease could be controlled to such a degree it could be dispersed on a schedule. If that were possible, why wait until now? Why waste it over such bullshit?  We could have taken out any number of nations that were troublesome.

Oh, yeah--COVID is in Australia and Bangladesh, too, among other places.  That's like "distracting" your neighbors by torching a subdivision. 

I find it odd the impeachment happened the moment that Russian hoax failed.

No, plenty of Demorrhoid conspiritard shitheads are still all in on the Russians. They're even blaming the riots on the Russians. You know, if we could get rid of all of you shitheads, the world would be a better place.

Can you see the pattern? That you're a gullible shithead who wants to be clever? How could I miss it? Will you continue to chase the well orchestrated carrots? Hey! I liked that Bugs Bunny cartoon. Or is there something in you that will stop for a minute and look for the truth? As soon as you look for the truth that you're a complete fucking idiot.

This is very interesting. No, it's boring as all shit, because it's the same fucking bullshit every fucking time.

Still a tragedy. The tragedy is that you're breathing air and forcing a tree to work to support you.