Note he's been charged with two counts of assault, but denied bail. There is no universe in which this is reasonable. Even most murderers get bail.  So that has to be fixed first. It also really makes one question the judge.

Now, I've known Joe for over 20 years, and dated Denise before they married. He's a degreed engineer. He's a very stable, very thoughtful guy, and not someone who'd succumb to road rage, ever. His online commentary is always about caution, fully cognizant of the law.  If he shot, it's because he felt life was in danger.

Let's look at the article, and consider how it might have played out vs what we're told.

If the other guy was driving slow, it's not unreasonable to hold close but not tailgating, waiting for a chance to pass. I've had encounters where, when you try to pass, the other party then nails the gas to cut you off, just to be that kind of asshole. This is far more likely to me than him passing someone and slamming on the brakes to wreck them.

Furthermore, the default assumption in ANY rear end collision is that the rearmost party is at fault.

So let's interpret this as the other guy being the road rager. Especially as they admit he punched Joe first.

(UPDATE from court docs: Per court docs, the other party admits to being intoxicated on post surgical painkillers, and throwing the first two punches. But he's not being charged.)

Joe's a little guy, about a head shorter than me.  If some big guy creates a wreck, gets out of the car and instead of swapping info and calling the cops, starts getting pushy, and Joe has his three minor children in the back (he did), it very well might meet the standard of "fear for my life or that of my children."

I'm willing to bet money on that.

Now, let me dispose of a rumor that some assholes in the area have been spreading.  "Joe shot the guy for banging his wife."

First, he is a widower and his wife has been dead for 6 years. Try not to be that kind of asshole.

Second, he probably has a girlfriend or two at present.  He usually does.  He and Denise were openly poly, and there'd be no issue whatsoever about discussing it and having other partners.

Third, they're strangers who met on a random highway.  Trying to chase someone down with your kids in the car is so far outside the realm of rational we're not going to consider it.

So with that information, please donate what you can to help him first get released on some reasonable level of bond, and then prove his innocence, which no one should be forced to do in an innocent until proven guilty society.

He has been held without bail for 17 months so far, under the insane argument that he "turned a fistfight into a gunfight."  Apparently, you're supposed to let a drugged out freak beat you to death in front of your kids.

And they're in no hurry to hold a trial. The process is the punishment.

You can donate here.

The established law started with "No new 'hi capacity'* magazines."  In 1994ish.  I may not have the date exact. Doesn't matter.  I'm lazy, look it up if you care.

(*Standard capacity for the weapon redefined as "high capacity" by a bunch of legislative faggots with no technical knowledge and no other credentials. About like claiming any gas tank over 5 gallons is "High capacity.")

Then it was "No repair parts" and "no spare parts."  Because that was a loophole* you could drive a semi through, and people did. Some companies marked production dates on their mags for this and other reasons, which helped ID the "Bad" ones.  Some weren't produced until after that deadline.

(*A "loophole" means "we're ignorant shitheads who didn't actually say what we mean, and for some reason, people and the courts are going by what we said." Sort of like that crazy chick who expects you to understand what "it's fine" means.)

Then it was, "Turn them in to be destroyed."

And an injunction.

And a court ruling, rescinding all of it. The entire fucking law.

Which means, even if it was only in effect for 90 seconds, and so far it's at least 90 hours, ANY MAGAZINE made between 1994 and the present can legally be brought into CA, whether or not it's marked any particular way.  And even if they get an injunction against the injunction, followed by winning a case against the case they just lost, all those magazines will remain grandfathered legal in CA.

And because there is no way to distinguish those magazines from any other identical magazines, anything found in CA with that production date range must be assumed to have been legally acquired in this window.  If residents bring in 10 million more magazines made between 1993 and X, and don't get caught, once in CA, the burden of proof will be on the state to prove they were imported after X. Which hasn't happened yet and may not.

So even if X happens and Commiefornia manages to ban them again, using different language, the billions of mags in the state will remain legal, and CA will have to start from scratch down the road of fascist cocksuckery.

And they even admit so here:

Watching hoplophobic faggots squirm in agony is almost as delightful as watching fetus fetishists be told for the 48,972nd time that Roe v Wade is established.

A couple of weeks back, I clicked on a "featured" photo or such on Photobucket front page.

Immediately, popups exploded and insisted my system was infected, vitally important I call their toll free number, etc.

I closed fast, and luckily, my malware protection worked.  

But this was a photo they were PROMOTING.  Linked to malware.

I had another issue the week after that (which follows).  I tried to click on the FAQ button for help, and THAT triggered popups and another loud voiceover if, "We have detected your system may be infected with malware, viruses or porn. It is vitally important you not close this window, and contact our toll free" etc.  With an attempt to download, which I refused.

This time my malware protection quarantined the file.

I contacted support and informed them of this.  They asked if I had a screenshot. No, duh. However, I reported that I had the quarantined file, gave them all system details, etc. 

No response. Apparently they don't give a shit that their site is hosting threatware, possible ransomware, and other stuff. Or maybe they get a kick back? How does their FAQ button trigger malware unless their entire site is corrupted?


And why was I contacting them?

Because I got autobilled in December, and billed again in March, and I wanted to complain about it.

The December charge was $29.99.  March was $59.99.  They refunded $29.99 and told me they cancelled that plan.

I asked why that one and not March, and where had March come from?  And that I'd apparently been billed for both the year before as well.  The December bill had been in effect since 2015.  The March one started in 2018.  They asked for documentation, I sent it.

I vaguely recall I may have been told the Dec plan was going away and the new minimum was $59.99, which is why I'd been pulling images anyway, planning to shut it down and go elsewhere--I can host on my own now, cheaper.

I was using about 174 meg of a 60 gig plan. Barely enough to even show on the bar.

But, if the $29.99 annual Dec billed plan was going away, why was I still getting billed for it as well as the new one?

I inquired, they quoted the previous correspondence. They don't intend to reimburse me for anything else.

Now I'm not a lawyer, and not versed in the finer points of fraud law, but this certainly looks like it to me.

Add in that they seem to endorse ransomware on their site.

And then there's the 57,435 ads that pop up when you try to access it from a phone.

My advice?  Don't give them a cent, don't click on their site. There's no benefit, and every reason not to.

EDIT:  Oh, yeah--I contacted their "Delete my plan so I can delete my account" email twice in a week and never got a response.  I can't delete the account until I beg them to cancel the plan, which they have not done.  Almost as if they intend to keep charging me every year for service I'm not using.

The man wasn't American, he was a Saud.

He was killed by Sauds or Turks.

He supported OBL and eulogized the man.

He supported ISIS.

He supported the Muslim Brotherhood.

He was a massive anti-Semite and anti-Israel.

And I'm honestly surprised to find liberals aren't aware of the facts above, since they're inherently better educated and more rational than conservatives.  At least, according to liberals.

But it's not really a surprise that the terrorist arm of the DNC, which is all of it, is lined up to suck his rigor mortis cock.

Meanwhile, no memory of our ambassador being raped and murdered with the ridiculous claim that a massive, multi-national uprising spontaneously took place over a shitty youtube video...which claim doesn't credit Muslims with much intellect or self control.

The Demorrhoids were elitist white supremacists when they started the US Civil War to keep their slaves, and they're elitist white supremacists now, with anti-Islamic and anti-Semitic traits to boot.

Some asshole is claiming that the GOP is "begging for something to wipe this off the front page," when the fact is that Demorrhoid NPCs are the only reason it's on the front page, hoping against hope it will make a point difference at the polls in three weeks.