I have a scientific background, and I have trouble parsing this article, because it was written by a moron, speaking of a "hot side" and a "cold side" of a star, among other quaint idiocies.

Then I read the comments, which, on an important scientific discovery, turned into Bush and 0bama bashing, and snide comments about the failures of science in regard to something called "god."

Truly, as long as such people live, we are doomed.
We placed an order with him. In February.

Of 2009.

Finally got a shipment in November.

And then the rest of it in September, 2010.


Now, I don't mind waiting a long time. I have a few orders myself that I'm waay behind on. The thing is, I tell people they can have their money back--and will do so at once--or, I tell them exactly what status is.

This guy kept insisting, "I will personally take care of this today," and "You didn't get that yet? Weird," and, "I'll get it or a refund to you by Friday."

Now, what I got was very good for the price. But 18 months of multiple calls and emails is just a wee bit too long to make it worthwhile in the future.

Not recommended.