While everyone is flipping out over Dr Seuss, who portrayed a "harmful stereotype" of "A Chinese man wearing a conical hat and eating rice from a bowl with chopsticks" sort of like this:


Which is common all over parts of Asia, actually, and is even featured in upcoming Disney movies...

Anyway, they ignored the image that could be considered to be very racist, with stereotypes of black people with what were then called golliwog lips, and the N word.  Of course, that was from a comic, and if you actually look at the comic, it was a commentary on linguistic weirdness and metaphors, which is a totally valid thing for a writer of his stature at the time to explore.  Was it offensive then? Yes, that was sort of the point, that these metaphors didn't make a lot of sense. (The comic was in the form of a store, where one could buy, among other things, "A wrench to throw in your works" with actual wrenches for sale, and "A nigger for your woodpile."  And yeah, holy shit that's offensive then, and more so now, and there's a perfect lesson to be learned by analyzing and commenting on that, rather than deleting it and pretending it never existed.

But none of the articles I've seen mention that. They obsess over "Chinese man eating rice from a bowl with chopsticks is racist!!" 

Gee, I wonder who'd be pushing a narrative that a perfectly innocent, traditional act is "harmful"?  Vs say an American in a baseball cap eating a hot dog?

And this is followed by all the shrieking about Pepe le Pew, and Miss Piggy, and...



One of the sitters my youngest had when a baby was a very competent, educated, older (50s) black lady, who was absolutely wonderful at playing, interacting, and entertaining the little girl.

One day I was sitting in my office, and I heard her singing, in a very sweet voice, "Ten Little Indian Boys."

I was amused, and noted, "Actually, Jess is Choctaw." (And Cherokee, but not enrolled).

The lady was apologetic, and I said, "It's not a problem, I'm just amused." (And so was Jess).  It was a perfectly common kids' song from when she and I were young, and before that, and there was no harm intended. (BTW, there's a version of the song turned into a mystery by Agatha Christie. Wait until the Wokies find out what THAT was titled.)


Yeah, stuff that was acceptable in the past is offensive now, and the reverse would be true with the way "fuck" and "shit" are liberally littered through common literature.

Apparently, I'm not allowed to be upset about how Americans wear kilts and skirts that are called kilts, etc, even though I'm actually from Scotland. (Not that I actually give a shit, not being that sensitive and wimpy, but I use that as a repeated example.)  But present something from a different timeframe and all hell breaks loose.  

This fits my hypothesis that the Wokies are largely privileged and ignorant. "OMG! Can you believe how they used to treat/refer to people in the 1920s?!?" 

Um, yeah.

"NO, I mean it was SO OFFENSIVE!"

Yup.  Known about that for a long time.


Nope, just educated and understand the context between then and now.


They were people. People can be wonderful and horrible, and they are bound within their culture to various degrees.

Those cultures were different.  Studying them is useful and valid.  And losing your shit because their rules were not ours is juvenile.

Stop being George Lucas and editing the story to fit the newest narrative.

UPDATE:  She has moved to Dallas area, has a car and job, is staying with a friend while saving funds for her own place. It looks like everything is optimal, despite lengthy delays on DL transfer and similar stuff, and a three week delay on funeral due to administrative interstate matters.  It's looking very positive. Thanks to everyone who donated and linked to resources.


When last we left our intrepid heroine, her husband had died suddenly, she had no permanent home, no car, and no job.

Actually, she's had a shitty decade of marginal employment in SC, with the kids living with family in TX.  She and husband finally scraped up to relocate to Lubbock, where he had a job, and then he died suddenly in the hotel.

With help from friends and some of you:

He has been cremated and she has the legal paperwork, and accounts settled.

She has acquired a vehicle.

She has successfully defeated bureaucrats in single combat to replace her expired SC license (literally the week after his death) by mail.

She has moved to the Dallas area where the kids are.

Is staying with friends, but the landlord won't allow that for long.


So, she needs to get into lodging and find employment (there are people hiring, so that's positive).  She needs to immediately pay for car insurance. She needs to shortly pay to properly coordinate for a TX DL to go with the TX car.

Then she can finally be reunited with her teenagers.

If you are still minded and able to donate, I have her direct email for paypal, or you can send to me and I'll forward.  I'll be happy to send a signed hardcover of my choice to anyone donating $50, and yes, I still have a couple from late last year to get out.  I BROKE A SNOWPLOW CLEARING MY DRIVEWAY.

She says, "Thanks to everyone for all you've done." And she sounded very grateful and touched.



Behold, Jason Sanford, who’s huge on Patreon. Well, he had 144 subscribers. Maybe he has a few more now.  His Amazon sales rank is in the 2 million to 4 million range, so he’s sold maybe 50 books, ever. He’s not even a wannabe, he’s a nevergonnabe.

          He claims and pretends to be a journalist, and went into a lengthy “investigation” of Baen’s Bar, to find something to be offended by.

He was actually able to find someone being called…The Swarthy Menace!
This, he claims, is an indication of racism.

Well, I’ve known the person in question for 15 years, so let’s give some “context,” so beloved of “liberals,” to this name.

The nickname came about when Arun waded into spacebattlesforums (which most of us call “spacebabies,” because it’s a cesspit of ignorant, immature, basement-dwelling poseurs and wannabes), and textually destroyed someone who was criticizing Kratman’s military expertise with snide comments about his “alleged” career. Which is all real.  The incelcucks love to go after Tom, and to a lesser extent myself and John Ringo, stating we “claim” to have been in the military, when there are plenty of pics of all three of us in the field, and Krat even has professional papers on file with the War College.

He emerged victorious, and someone even tried throwing the “white privilege” epithet at him, which is hilarious, him being neither white nor liberal.  Kratman dubbed him, and he wears the name with pride. 

Oh, Arun also uses the name “Swarth Vader.” 

Arun is in fact from India, which makes him:


An Asian

A South Asian

An educated technical professional

A minority religion by US rules (Hindu, even though there are 700 million of them).


So I’m not sure where a pasty white liberal racist American of privilege gets off questioning how the man likes to be addressed. But Arun is pissed as hell at this racist twat using him as a poster child.



I saw Jason Sanford’s post.

As you may know and as the Colonel and our fellow flies and the attached email evidence will no doubt confirm, I’m The Swarthy Menace. The Colonel gave me that name after someone from spacebattles who had registered on the bar to argue the merits of the Colonel’s Legio Del Cid got into an argument with me thinking I’m a caucasian and a racist and I stripped their hide. I have never, ever felt that the term was racist as used by our fellow flies. I wear it proudly and my post history (see attached Swarthxx.pdf files) for evidence.

Here are some of the relevant posts from May 25, 2011 - June 1, 2011 where I got the name. Files are: Swarth 2011-1.pdf, Swarth 2011 - 2.pdf, Swarth 2011 -3.pdf, Swarth 2011 - 4.pdf, Swarth -2011 5.pdf

And here are the ones where I and the Colonel agreed upon that nickname. Files are: "Swarth - how the name came about.pdf” and "Swarth the name.pdf"

Rather than remaining silent, I would prefer that Toni went John Rambo on Jason Sanford’s ass. Hopefully, what I’ve shared is enough evidence to sue that asshole to penury.


And, the thread in question is from 2011.


So Jason Sanford has literally nothing better to do than wade through over a decade of forum posts looking for stuff to offend him, and with all that, he came up with a half dozen out of context comments.  He needs a girlfriend. Or a boyfriend. I’m not one to judge. Hell, he’d be more productive masturbating to My Little Pony porn. 

One of the “threats” he cites from the Bar is basically “white males should boycott America.”

Newsflash, idjit: You can’t force people to work for you. We fought a war over that a century back. Your side lost. You’re still trying to get them back, too. Though good luck getting tens of millions of Americans to refuse to work and get paid. I can’t even motivate them to stop wearing face panties as a symbol of their submission to the governor. Besides which, there’s been boycott days by blacks, Hispanics, unionists, even a threat of leftist women to not sleep with men until their aims were achieved. (Wait, is not being able to screw a leftist actually a threat? Or a generous offer?)


As far as “What happens if there’s another civil war?” This is a valid question for anyone to ask, especially in a forum of writers who write speculative fiction about wars.  He claims to write speculative fiction, but he seems a bit lacking in imagination.


FULL DISCLOSURE: I’ve written at least two fictional books with detailed scenes on HOW TO DESTROY ENTIRE CITIES using available materials.  I’m also Editor-At-Large for Survivalblog, where “What do we do if society collapses in any of a dozen fashions?” is a regular discussion.


And back in the real world, if that sort of thing happens, wouldn’t you like to be able to survive it with your family? Or if you don’t have a family, your dog? Discussing “What if” doesn’t have to include, “Hey, let’s kill people.” As someone with professional training in that aspect, most of you would suck at it and should just stay out of the way.  But knowing how to stay out of the way is a critical skill.


But with all that, his concern is that Toni, who by the way is the single mother of a special needs child, of Jewish heritage, who made none of these statements (that aren’t even actually violent), might attend a convention! Not the people who made these “Threats,” nor the guy who uses a nickname that offends his white liberal sensibilities (They hate when POCs dare to have dissenting opinions).  No, the publisher who spends her time publishing books must be scourged because somebody else said something he doesn’t approve of.


Here’s the key point:  If Incelboi was "investigating" "right wing violence," why didn't he either take the info to the FBI, or confront Baen directly? Why be a passive-agressive little bitch and ask people to harass a convention about guest status for one editor? He's perfectly okay with the alleged violence, as long as Toni doesn't go to a con? “Yeah, they blew up a federal building, but I’m the hero who wouldn’t let the forum owner attend a convention! Go me!”

If that were to happen, the FBI would have very valid questions as to why he hadn’t reported his suspicions. They might even include the term, “Accessory before the fact.”


But in reality, had he reported it to them, they’d have scanned over it, filed it because they had to, and politely hinted that “People still have free speech and we didn’t see anything meriting further investigation.  But we’ll keep an eye out.” The latter being code for “Little boy, don’t bother us again.”


There’s a reason no one pays this clown for his “investigative reporting.”  It’s neither. It’s self-aggrandizing wankery by an angry white male of privilege against minorities, women, and veterans, for the sin of having the success he doesn’t and never will.

        Oh, yes, he was also previously involved with the scandal around "Requires Hate," a batshit insane bigot who the lefticles endorsed while she was "punching up" (which term confesses they feel inferior by their own standards), but who rapidly turned on them and caused legal issues, threats, and complete insanity (as I recall.  I knew enough to completely avoid the matter). So he's perfectly cool with literal death threats, as long as they're from the "correct" end of the spectrum.


Oh, and as far as what Twitter “thinks”—no one with a brain wastes time on Twitter.  It’s the Two Minute Hate given form by Twits, and any entity that pays attention to them winds up getting slimed with their filth.  The sooner everyone with any intellectual ability deletes their account, the better off civilization will be.

And the so-called “Worldcon” has been a playground for bigoted leftist scum since at least 1990. There’s a reason fewer pros attend every year.


I'd just like to point out, while the handwringing is going on over some random racist attacking an East Indian member of Baen's Bar over his chosen nickname, that the "Worldcon" has endorsed terrorism for literally decades.

I grew up in the UK, watching bombs blow up in the news.  And the first time I attended "Worldcon," there's three assholes walking around in T-shirts for the IRA. You know, the murderous, torturous, bomb-throwing fucks who killed somewhere between 500 and 600 civilians in the UK and Ireland, and justified it as "Well, we don't like it, but it's inevitable." (Close paraphrase.) The organization that was declared terrorist in both the UK and in the Republic of Ireland, but conveniently chose "not to recognize their authority."  When you literally refuse to recognize the people you claim to be fighting for, you may have a problem.

It's pretty disturbing for a young man who's seen bombs on the news, and been cautioned not to open packages because the terrorists sometimes get the address wrong, and trained never to move more than a few feet from your luggage when traveling in case it be deemed a threat, to watch terrorist sympathizers parading about singing songs about how glorious terrorism is.

And they were at every other fucking "Worldcon" I attended, too.

The only conclusion to draw is that WSFS endorsed that terrorist organization. When you let people mince about wearing shirts endorsing a publicly known, international terrorist organization, and make zero effort to stop them, you de facto endorse them.

That, btw, plus the increasing racism, anti-semitism (demonstrated yet again), and general white privilege of calling themselves the "World" science fiction convention (I've noted elsewhere, my readers in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, cannot afford American or European prices to attend, and WSFS has made zero effort to choose marginalized nations for hosting) is why I haven't attended since 2003, and probably never will again.

No decent person should. Unless, of course, they're perfectly okay with terrorism, racism, anti-semitism, and other extremism.